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    Weird stuff you discovered about a game long after playing it

    Wait, what. You can hijack Atlas mechs? I thought the only mech you could operate was on the Grissom Academy. Do you need some Tech Ability to do it?
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    Fallout 4 Teaser Sites Broadcasts Ominous New Message

    No, but truth be told, if you genuinely find joy in the rage and disappointment of others it might make you a bit of a sad person. :/
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    TESO going for microtransactions as well as subscription fees

    It is tradition in the MMORPG industry not to learn from the mistakes of others. Going for a subscription fee model + microtransactions, with so many competitors around, gives me the impression that ZeniMax is being rather over confident.
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    What is the most difficult boss/challenge in your favorite game?

    Well, I don't know too many difficult bosses in any of the games I'm currently playing, but I think Liadri, the Concealing Dark, in GW2 is quite a difficult encounter. I'm not saying that she is well designed or anything like that because she's not, in my honest opinion.
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    Saints Row IV Unveils $1 Million Special Preorder Edition

    This comment would have been so cool if the Koch Media enterprise had anything at all to do with the Koch Brothers. :D EDIT: DAMMIT, ninjas everywhere. Ignoring this post seems fairly acceptable to me. EDIT2: Misspelled ninjas.
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    What games have made you physically angry playing them.

    I'm going to say Smite. For those who do not know, Smite is a third-person Action MOBA (inspired by games such as DotA). Yesterday I got quite angry because I kept losing, even though my score in every single match was pretty good. Want to know why I kept losing? I think this image explains...
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    Update: Elder Scrolls Online May Have Day One Vulnerability

    Rift is using Gamebryo and that game didn't fail, I think. The engine you might be thinking about is the Hero Engine used for SW:TOR, although that was an early version of said engine.
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    Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within

    If they are working on Fallout 4, I would expect them to announce it at E3. And I suspect that Bethesda doesn't want to hype up The Evil Within too much, as the hype could backfire if the game doesn't deliver, like many games that Bethesda publishes but doesn't develop.
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    Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within

    Looks interesting enough. I've never been into horror games all that much, I haven't played any of the Silent Hill or Resident Evil games so I wouldn't really mind if the game were to make use of tropes.
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    Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within

    Bethesda isn't developing this game, you know. You wouldn't be getting any more Skyrim DLC either way. Or another Dishonored, or another Fallout: New Vegas.
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    Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within

    You know, this could have been a trailer for American Horror Story.
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    Bethesda Wraps It Up With Final Vine Teaser

    I personally think it might be some kind of horror game, with an overdose of film grain. Or perhaps the film grain is the horror.
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    People are being WAY too critical of The Elder Scrolls Online!

    Well, I suspect that most people on will hate it as well, because they think it isn't MMORPGGGG enough. Poor ESO, you pathetic little misfit. : )
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    When EA falls, Ubisoft will rise.

    The AAA-industry won't die, silly. The gap will simply be filled by other opportunistic publishers, hoping that they too might one day become an evil empire.