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    AT&T and Verizon: 10Mbps Is Too Fast For Broadband

    I don't think I can post enough Bender laugh GIFs to express exactly how much I laughed at this statement. I personally hope these companies would just go away and die. I have 10 Mbps and it is the minimum I would take for most of my usage. Go screw yourself AT&T and Verizon.
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    Wi-fi Network Names

    Mine is Mordor ... not very creative, I know ;_;
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    Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review - Hague Conventional

    Having seen some videos of this, I think it's a pretty nice little game that tells an interesting story and I'd agree with Jim's assesment. I think it'd actually be brilliant as an educational game and in general not a bad buy for someone that's interested in learning a bit about the western...
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    The Exorcism in Indiana - What in the Hell Happened?

    You ask what any of the people have to gain then go on to say he sold his movie rights... can you not count 2 and 2 together? >.> Pretty obvious what happened here, they all made up the story on the back of a promise of some of that Hollywood money. Happens every single time, no mistery here.
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    Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Hm, after seeing some actual gameplay of it, I wasn't too sold because I'm not THAT desperately into old-school shooters. However, if Yahtzee says the characters are likeable and the story is fun enough, I might try this out when it drops below the 30 euro mark on G2A.
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    Criminals Are Selling Your Steam Data For Just $15

    Shame on you, telling people to actually glance at the URL bar in their browser! You monster, making people actually read stuff before entering passwords! I do agree the client's web browser is pretty meh and slow, and the way you suggested is the best way, but people are lazy. For the lazy...
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    Criminals Are Selling Your Steam Data For Just $15

    Easiest fix: only browse the Steam Community from in the Steam client. It doesn't allow non-official Steam sites to be opened. Now don't tell people your password and problem solved.
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    Jimquisition: The FarCry Racism Adventure

    Who the fuck thought that guy was the player character? Are you just plain high? A player character never smirks on the cover art, not even Nathan Dranke, the smirkiest character in video games. Everybody knows only bad people smirk on cover art. My reaction to the artwork: it looks really...
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    Scientists Create Cyborg Cockroaches Using Nanotechnology

    Those are adorable <3 Doesn't the triphosphate backbone of the DNA provide what is a relatively solid structure? I really can't imagine that any kind of more solid compounds, such as metals, could be made into shapes small enough, especially if these "machines" are supposed to be used inside the...
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Screens Arrive Unexpectedly

    The screenshots are always super polished up, but I think we can look forward to a fairly pretty game on the PC. Doubt that will be the same on consoles, especially last gen ones.
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    Elder Scrolls Online's First Microtransaction Is a Horse

    This stinks of publisher and executive interests :/ I doubt any of the developers of ESO went: yeah, we'd love our game to shoot itself in the foot several more times.
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    ShinyLoot's "Forever Alone Sale" Caters to Solo Gamers

    I'm sure quality titles like the Perfidious Petrol Station with Nancy the Happy Whore (not kidding, that's the protagonist's name) will tide you over this Valentine's.
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    Update: Flappy Bird-Laden Devices Selling for $80,500 Online

    Joke's on the iPhone users, Android users can just download the APK from literally everywhere on the internet. In all seriousness: this is just depressing. Reading through those tweets is just horrible, so much vile stuff being spewed at him, people threatening him left, right and centre...
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    Starbound Dev Delays Development to Deal With a Sexual Predator

    I meet a lot of very young people on steam, even in games like DotA, which is traditionally high skill and not the kind of testosterone-fueled experience that games like CoD are. I see a lot of chldren aged 10-14 trying out different games and actually often talking very openly to others in...
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    Mo' Russian

    I play on the EU East servers and there are way less russians on there than on the EU West server. EU East is all super nice serbians that give you commendations if you didn't feed and then invite to into a group for a few matches.