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    I'm utterly sick of Game of Thrones

    While I don't want to honk my own horn after I made a post in this thread about how actually discussing the OP's criticism might actually change someone's mind of the show...This wall of text actually made me open a new browser window to give episode 1 season 1 another shot.
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    I'm utterly sick of Game of Thrones

    So glad someone pointed this out, it's like people don't want to hear anything but more opinions that echo their own. I'd think more people would be intrigued by someone who challenges their opinions as it grants the opportunity to test them. So you equate criticism of an art form many...
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    Fuck The Witcher 1. Seriously. (rant)

    Witcher 1 being so bad is a big reason why I never played Witcher 3. Putting all the other criticisms aside, I just can't give a fuck about Geralt. The games (1 and 2) couldn't make me give a fuck about a single thing. I'm hearing a lot about how it gets better later on but I don't see why I...
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    I can't help but feel a bit prophetic now...

    I envisioned people rejecting the at-the-time prevalent notion that Bioware only makes perfect rpgs. I envisioned Bioware being mostly criticized and resented. Most of all, I foresaw the disillusionment of their fans.
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    When will we see VR Games go beyond the gimmick phase?

    I think that improvements in technology will be the driving force. Not just with headsets and graphics cards that can actually support VR getting cheaper, but with miniature 4k resolution screens becoming a common thing as well. Also, I think smartphones will have an impact, maybe as soon as two...
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    Most beautiful spaceships in fiction

    Ragnarov titan from sins of a solar empire. Because it is a giant flying space cannon. Sith ships are always so cool... I like the predator ship from aliens vs predator. It looks really tough but also fast at the same time.
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    PSA: You can livestream PC games to your Iphone, via internet. True gaming on the go brahs!

    I want to use a similar idea to play any regular game in virtual reality without buying an expensive headset. You use a google cardboard compatible headset (android) of which you can get plastic versions that have head straps and have a better field of view. You then download an app called...
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    Is anybody else here just not interested in modern gaming?

    Worse, OLD games don't even interest me anymore. No games interest me anymore. I have all the free time and games I could want in the world but I have ZERO DESIRE to play anything. I can say similar things about books, movies, series, music, shooting, sports, people and things in general...
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    How Would You Have Done the Star Wars Prequels?

    But then why would Anakin EVER join the sith?
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    So... Building a PC

    Went over it and I think it's a decent build. Personally I don't bother with more than 12 gb ram and it honestly depends from person to person whether you'll ever actually use a full 2 TB hard drive. Everything seems compatible but I'd make sure the PSU has the connectors needed for the GPU and...
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    Games that you couldn't wait to quit

    Baldur's Gate. What reason can someone possibly have to drudge through such bland, samey terrains with bland enemies, a bland story, a leveling system with utter crap progress (It's just clicking the level up button. The end) rarely any good loot and annoying, immature characters? All you do...
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    Poll: The poll to end, and begin, all polls

    Why no option 6? This poll is not representative of all the different opinions that can be held by the public. I am deeply offended. What are you? Some kind of fascist? Are you trying to keep us option six-ers silent? We will never be silent until we are treated as equals in society!
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    Unpopular Opinions

    None of these opinions really seem all that unpopular. The world has an excess of people. Too many people are illiterate and live in poverty. It's a miserable existence and a drain on society as well as the environment. I think we'd be better off if most nations were bombed with weapons on...
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    Poll: There are only 2 genders....right?

    I think gender is something we just made up. You have a biological sex. This is a physical, observable trait that has functional meaning. Gender is all in our heads. What your thoughts are have no meaning whatsoever to the universe unless they are translated into practical application that...