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    Relationship Deal Breakers: The Other Side

    Thank you, I appreciate that. It's surprising how far feeling okay with yourself goes. So you have flaws? Welcome to the human race. Flaws are the way you pay to play; everyone's got them; no one has a perfect hand, but we have to draw the line somewhere and accept the flaws and folds in...
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    The Gay Community.

    The bolded part is why you're wrong. Basically, what you're saying is that these people have these character deficiencies BECAUSE they're gay. That's exactly like saying "That guy is lazy because he's Hispanic." This is a stereotype based entirely on a few people. It honestly does sound...
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    Relationship Deal Breakers: The Other Side

    I bet you are a really good person, but your post implies that you do and don't understand why people stay away. Roll your shoulders back, act like you've got it together, smile some, and find something you really like to do. Can we not have topics which ask people to belittle themselves...
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    Is the school system flawed?

    No, you're right. Basically, school does not cater to everyone. It caters to the "average" student (which is just about no one, by the way, considering how different people are). Education is very messed up right now because it is highly, HIGHLY based on standardized tests (at least in America)...
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    Things besides guns we should ban to give ourselves the delusion of safety

    Your two claims in this last paragraph can't coexist. - "A person with a gun will always have power over a person without" - "The power should rest with all of us equally" These two statements conflict UNLESS you say that Everyone should have a gun OR NO ONE should have a gun...
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    Question for people Pro-guns....

    I guess we just have to change our ways in other ways. In other words, everywhere we go needs to have increased security everywhere. In fact, everyone should be given a gun. They should have the holster welded to their hips and squelch their lips because nothing speaks louder than a...
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    Horror games and health problems

    What the pony said. It's like asking your doctor if you're healthy enough for sex. Don't want to do it, but it would be worse to die in mid coitus than it would be to be told you need to get healthier in order to have sexy time. OP: Ironically, if you're out of shape, games might be your...
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    Women Troubles

    Okay. Basically, you're not intelligent interpersonally. Don't think of that as an insult. I promise you, it's not. Why? Well, I'll talk about that in a sec. Secondarily, get over yourself. "I don't talk about" this or "I'm making them uncomfortable" or "I... I... I..." aye,yai yai man, it...
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    Describe your day with a haiku

    Woke up way too late After marathon dancing Going back for more.
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    Who here exercises?

    I swing dance, I do martial arts, I go to the gym, I hike, I clean dormitories as a summer job. 40 hours a week of cleaning the crap that freshmen leave behind will make anyone at least 15 pounds lighter. Damn.
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    What should i namr these kittens

    2. I was thinking Carrot (And you can say the "t" is silent if you wanted to mess with people) 3. Beans seems like a cute cat name.
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    Poll: Who buys the condoms?

    I think it's hilarious that you seem to think not being in a relationship will stop people from purchasing protection. People do the dance whether they're dating or not. Anyhow, I think it should be the guy's responsibility to purchase the protection.
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    Why is rape or even just sex worse than death?

    I think it's just a matter of exposure to it. We don't really see sexual assault very much in games or movies or television shows because it's a violation of honor/rights... Really, very many things. Also, it's not a very good motivation for a character in a role. I'll get back to this in a few...
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    Game music suggestions

    Check out this guy's YouTube. One of my favorites is the Starcraft Terran theme and Vega's Theme (from Street Fighter II).
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    what pops in your head

    Technology: Fast Biology: Robust Reasoning is simple: technology has dramatically decreased the time it takes for many things to happen. Biology, however, has millenia of experiments under its belt. That's a lot of trial and error.