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    Transgender Q & A

    Yeah, I have a question. What is the general thought process about getting that final genital operation? I know there are many transsexuals that have everything changed except for the genitalia (there is a huge genre of porn like this commonly known as "Shemales") and I have to wonder the reason...
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    Los Angeles Manhunt

    I actually somewhat respect this man for what he is doing. He has basically sacrificed his life here to try and expose the police for the crimes and bullshit they have been doing. He is either going to get killed, or he is going to get locked away for the rest of his life. Both are terrible...
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    Poll: The heretic Geth, what did you do?

    I believe I re-wrote them, partly because of the urging of Legion, but also because of my racism as a player. I look at machines as tools to be used, and discarded when they're no longer useful. The Geth were still useful, so I re-wrote them and felt no qualm about it.
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    Say One Thing About The Country You Live In

    Country: Australia. It's got a lot of cool things nature-wise. Living in Tasmania, I don't see that much of the awesome shit the rest of Aus has, but Tassie does have some pretty cool stuff. A lot of really nice birds. From what I've seen on television though, some of the stuff over on the...
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    when do movies become porn and what is female nudity?

    Well I watch a hell of a lot of porn anyways, much of which is pretty heavy shit. So I don't really have a line (bar illegal shit, of course). I don't see much of a need for sex scenes in films though. I mean, what is really the purpose? "These two characters are in a relationship, we must add...
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    Poll: Metalcore Hate

    Not a fan of Trivium at all, vocals included.
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    Poll: Does a horror game need to be scary?

    Well for me, it's a very good feeling of true horror. The whole idea of being helpless to resist and at the mercy of someone who holds no notion of the concept (that being mercy). One of the worst ways to die, I'd imagine, is a slow, suffering. So for me, gore goes hand-in-hand with the...
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    If you were the other gender....what would you wear?

    I guess I'd probably be a tomboy or whatever, and just wear jeans and black band shirts and boots. I could never imagine even a female version of myself wearing dresses and heels or anything feminine.
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    Poll: Does a horror game need to be scary?

    I see. But where does this leave gore films? I consider gore undoubtedly horror, regardless of people naming it "torture porn" or whatever other childish term they wish to apply to it. Does anyone really consider gore scary?
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    Poll: Does a horror game need to be scary?

    Then I suppose it is yet another personal/subjective thing, rather than any kind of concrete set-in-stone fact or objective.
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    Poll: Does a horror game need to be scary?

    I disagree. I don't find it scary at all, tense would be a much better word, but not scary. In modern horror, when something jumps out and screams at the camera, that can be scary. But that is more of a silly thing, than any kind of atmospheric thing. The atmosphere and vibe is what is important...
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    Poll: Does a horror game need to be scary?

    I've always considered horror to be based more on atmosphere than any scare factor. Take the old 80's horror classic, The Thing. Is it scary? No, not really. Does it have one hell of a tense and grim atmosphere, a hopeless vibe to it? Damn right it does, and it's all the better for it. Another...
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    How strict were your parents on what you could watch when you were growing up?

    Very, very lenient. I remember watching the first Starship Troopers and Predator when I was extremely young, as well as Aliens. As far as sexual stuff goes, it was mostly just the odd sex scene in a movie for most of my younger years, but once I reached age 13-14 and etc, they had no problem...
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    Witcher 3 + details leaked!! (Updated with Trailer)

    One thing I'm unsure about is mounted combat. I'm not sure why, but I really don't see Geralt as someone who would fight from horseback, it wouldn't suit his combat styles. I'd imagine him using a horse as transport (such as in the books) but dismount when something arises, ala combat.
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    Witcher 3 + details leaked!! (Updated with Trailer)

    Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!!! In a good way! I have faith in CD Projekt Red, faith like I have for no other company. I just know they're going to put every ounce of effort and passion into this game... Wow, I'm so goddamn excited right now. I'm actually sitting here with a big arse grin on my...