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    Poll: Is Not Dating a Certain Race Racist?

    Someone linked his reddit thread on the first page, but here it is again. Having preferences by itself not racist, I am not sexually attracted to dark skin tones in the slightest, but that...
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    Is it rude to ask someone how much they make?

    I'm Canadian and I find it rude to ask a person about their finances. Same goes for asking about a person's taxes. Just this year after filing my taxes everyone seemed to want to know how much money, if any, I was going to get from my tax returns.
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    Whore of the Orient Title Deemed Racist by City Councilor

    Back in 2009 the state of New York actually banned the word oriental on government forms and documents. The state of Washington did a similar ban in 2002. This struck me as a surprise, as I had never...
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    Your favorite fictional demons.

    I'd have to go with the first demon I'd ever come across. The second superhero I had come across as well.
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    Absurd, Surreal and 100% True - The Weirdest Thing That's Ever Happened To Me

    So I see that my neighbourhood isn't the only one with an Angry Short ManTM How come mine doesn't come with a wheelchair? But in all seriousness, chances are he's been in a wheelchair for quite some time, so he probably knows how to maneuver a chair up a couple steps.
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    "I'm out of my depth here..."

    Oh yeah, I can't play without some of the bugfixes that LNP/DFHack offers. The funny thing was that an idler did come by to help carry the injured dwarf for about 10 tiles before he gave up and went off for a pint. As for other games that leave me in over my head, I simply cannot grasp pen...
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    "I'm out of my depth here..."

    So, anyone here ever try Dwarf Fortress? The "graphics" may make your eyes bleed, and the UI is secretly out to maim you. Even if you can get past that, just setting up basic industries, or even worse, a functioning military or hospital, is almost painfully hard. I had a dwarf die after he...
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    Angry mom sends letter to family of autistic child telling them to have him euthanized.

    Jesus Christ that was disturbing to read. Do you realize how many people work irregular hours? Unless the government gave out food for simply possessing a job factories would grind to a halt, packages would never get delivered, and stores would have to be fully automated because everyone...
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    Angry mom sends letter to family of autistic child telling them to have him euthanized.

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already, but the letter was actually sent to the boy's grandmother in Newcastle. Supposedly the boy only visits the grandmother, and had only ever had one negative experience in the community four years ago where someone had stolen a ball and shredded...
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    your parents surprising reactions to videogames

    Not all that surprising to me, but my mom calls every plat-former she sees "Super Mario". After all, the only game she's ever played was Mario Bros. for the NES. Every other game is just called weird or pointlessEspecially Dwarf Fortress. "I don't get it, it's just a bunch of smiley faces moving...
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    What was your best kill ever in a game?

    It's actually pretty hard to come up with a "greatest kill". All multi-player matches just seem to blur together after a time, and none of them really stand out to me. I guess I'll just copy some of what I posted in the "what makes you a hardcore gamer" thread a while back:
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    A Comic About Breasts

    Poor elf, being the closest thing to a normal looking character other than the sorcerer. At least from what I've seen, as I haven't played the game. Also, every time I see the fighter I think of this:
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    The Desktop Thread.

    Artorias of The Abyss, because its the only one I have that actually looks good. That looks like the "lifealope" from Romantically Apocalyptic.
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    Poll: Oblivion Was Better

    There were a few things that were really hidden away, but they weren't puzzles, just rewards for exploring. One example I can remember was a woman stuck on a ledge in one of the underground strongholds. She couldn't call out to you or anything, to find her you'd have to levitate along the...
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    What makes you a "HardCore" gamer

    I casually play Dwarf Fortress, I've heard it's considered a hardcore game. However, some of the more "Hardcore" dwarf fortress players terrify the hell out of me. Seriously, they'd make Khorne cringe with some of the shit they pull off. As for bad-ass things I've pulled off in games, I...