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    The Red Dead Redemption Mod for GTA V has Been Shut Down

    Here's how you do this without getting shut down: You put together a team of modders and unaffiliated programmers, then build the whole game or mod- RDRV, Megaman Legends 3, Baldur's Gate III, whatever you fancy. You don't make a peep until you finish it. "Go gold". Then Release it on...
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    Question to people who prefer the original voice track for anime

    Hi there. I prefer JP voice actors and actresses in almost all cases because they are simply superior to English voice actors and actresses from the US, for the following reasons: First, the VA industry in Japan is far better developed. There are dedicated educational institutions for...
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    Ghost in the Shell is "international" story

    No, I don't put race over quality. The role is in its essence a Japanese one. A Caucasian actress cannot deliver a quality performance when her role entails being a Japanese person of far-east Asian descent. Also, are you claiming there are no Japanese actresses as good as Scarjo? I think...
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    Ghost in the Shell is "international" story

    Wow... You must be able to see that you've removed the latter action from the context of its cause in order to portray it as being the same- that is, a racist act. Please tell me that this was just a bit of mean-spirited plebeian sophistry intended to trip me up and force me to waste time...
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    Ghost in the Shell is "international" story

    I don't find that to be true at all. I'm a fan of the IP and part of the "anime community"-- which we are insofar as we're a huge number of people who watch this genre of entertainment that generally don't talk to or organise each other-- and so is virtually everyone else I've heard complain...
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    Overwatch Cheaters Are Getting Wrecked By Blizzard

    They can tell if your debit or credit card is the same or if the associated bank details used for verification (name and address) are the same. Blizzard aren't punishing accounts, they are punishing individuals. So if you cheat, every edition of the game you ever buy, and every account you...
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    Poll: Who is your Overwatch Waifu!

    For me it's got to be, although she's one of the worst value-for-slot picks among tanks whether you're attacking or defending. It's okay to just say you like Torbjorn. I find him charming too, but the greatest husbando is of course Genji.
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    Poll: Tracer pose poll

    Where is the option for: "I support the removal of the old pose when it is for the purpose of replacing it with a sexier pose"? Because that's where I am.
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    Games you like that you can admit can be a bit cringe-worthy sometimes

    I think Dragon's Crown was problematic because I couldn't put the elf in a thong, and there was no full-on lingerie outfit for the sorceress. I think Black Desert is problematic because the Valkyrie panty shots really aren't that amazing- the underwear is very conservative. I think Paragon...
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    New Overwatch Beta Patch Brings New Tracer Pose, Accidental Invisibility

    This pose actually improves the silhouette of her backside... Okay Blizzard, you're back in the good book.
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    Am I Wrong to feel Vindicated by this 'Censorship'?

    This can be solved quite simply. Get a high res animated wallpaper or looping video of the censored content, and have it active beneath Overwatch. Everytime you win a game as Tracer, force your Twitch viewers to see the content whether they like it or not by tabbing for a few celebratory...
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    Guild Wars 2 vs. TERA Online

    Join a hundred other people and walk while snared toward a giant ice dragon until you die, chipping it to death over 45 minutes, then forget how eye-wateringly boring that experience was and call it "pretty awesome" on a forum in 2016. OP, the world bosses in GW2 are virtually all garbage--...
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    Beware: Windows 10 May Update Windows 7-8 While You Are AFK - Update

    I'm a Windows 7 user and this doesn't happen to me at all. No prompts for Windows 10 whatsoever... But there again, I haven't had Windows update enabled at all for at least two years. Hah.
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    Suggestion Thread: My first real MMO game

    I'd like to suggest either Black Desert or Final Fantasy XIV. They're both very different games, but they're both the best representatives of their takes on the genre. If your computer is amazing, go Black Desert. If it's just pretty good, go FFXIV. If your computer isn't either of those...
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    A question about drunk legality, and holding people responsible.

    No. I think you can rightly be argued to have made yourself more vulnerable to that sort of illegal activity, but you're in no way responsible when someone makes you their victim that way.