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    Cougar Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Giveaway!

    Just a short comment, but I'm really happy that The Escapist is doing an international competition/giveaway. It's always disheartening when something cool shows up, only to be halfway around the world and not able to participate. Good luck, everyone! Happy gaming!
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    Trailers: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Developer Overview Trailer

    The double-post strikes again. It looks pretty much the same as 2, if they don't screw it up too badly I might play it as much as the second game. The new gravity and oxygen mechanics could be interesting and I do wonder if they will be integrated into the boss fights. No doubt we'll see more...
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    Trailers: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Developer Overview Trailer

    I'll be sure to check it out and perhaps purchase a pre-owned version after evaluating its quality once it's released.
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    Quirky ways you eat/drink stuff

    I don't know about quirky, I haven't met anyone in 'real life' who eat bread rolls/burgers the same as I do outside my family. Instead of eating with the bottom of the roll or bun on my tongue, I eat it 'upside down' if you will, with the sesame seed top half facing my tongue. I think this...
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    4gb Patch For Aliens: Colonial Marines Improves AI, Graphics

    So do they plan on releasing patches for the console versions or are they just leaving them alone? I might actually play this again if they bother fixing the console versions, but I wouldn't pay for it like DLC, smart move on their part making it a free patch. Last thing they needed was more...
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    what game world you like to live in?

    I am so happy that this was the second post, I love the concept of blitzball and the arenas, the only downside I find to spira would be Sin, even the fiends basically mimic animals in reality, aside from the magic that some use. Besides, I know where the celestial weapons are, I'm set.
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    Using the golden key in Borderlands 2

    I used my first key accidentally at level 9, but ended up with an explosive shotgun, which I used while in a mate's game and I was able to deal considerable damage to level 30+ (at first) counterparts. The second time were 2 piece of shit grenade mods. *Queue Irrelevant Story* I've been...
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    Dead or Alive 5 Director: A Lot of Fans Want Bigger Breasts

    Ah, yes. I knew it wouldn't take too long for Highschool of the Dead to show up here. While it was actually rather good (at least at times), the over-sexualisation or "unbelievably awe- I mean 'jiggle' animations", made it just too much to be taken seriously.
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    Which pokemon would you want, as a pet?

    I have decided that I should pick an often ignored one from the original 151. Therefore, I choose a very common nuisance: Zubat. You say pet, so under those circumstances, he shall be like the 'parrot to the pirate', obeying my whistling calls to take place upon my shoulder. I'm a...
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    Draw your favorite game's cover.. badly.

    DMC3. I don't remember if anyone got it, was too focused looking for answer to another one. I just bought RES. EVIL 4 and DMC1 today. I don't know where to start.
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    Draw your favorite game's cover.. badly.

    I looked through all the pages and don't think I saw anyone post an answer? REALLY? Is that true? I was just playing this. (The awkward moment when I'm incorrect). FFX. Final Fantasy X. FF10. I win thrice? EDIT: I would like to add that this thread is amazing.
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    Your worst scar stories

    I have 3 scars that I consider stupid. My first one, I was about 8 or 9 and I was playing in the backyard at my cousin's house. They outlined their gardens with bricks, and we decided it would be fun to race around on them. I slipped on the corner on a brick, dropped my knee on it and gouged...
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    Update: Microsoft Finally Admits to Xbox 720

    That's kind of catchy; NextBox?
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    Games that would make crappy movies

    QWOP. I'm just going to write some stuff down here, because I;m sure there's no need to explain why this would be a ridiculous movie. BUT! I bet it could make $1m if Michael Bay directed it, because he can do that apparently. Also: CAPTCHA = Mumbo Jumbo, strange. Just like my opinions...
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    Do not waste your money on Dawnguard.

    I'm gonna have to say that the DLC is definitely worth having a look at, but you need to consider if you find it worthwhile to yourself. Dawnguard added quite a few things that I thought should've been in the game already, some were as obvious as the ability to make arrows. I did end up...