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    No Man's Sky is starting to look a bit rubbish.

    Starting? Once you get past the indie spectacle, when did it not look rubbish? I still have no clear idea of what the hell this game even is. I know what you do it in, but I don't see any central idea that ties it all together; and what I do see, looks flimsy at best with the only thing carrying...
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    Your favorite song from a video game

    Off the top of my head, I would have to say it's And runner up for song composed FOR A GAME (seeing a lot of you just referring to licensed songs used in games. Yes I'm being an asshole.) My second pick would have to be
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    What is your GOTY so far?

    Likely Doom... What else has even come out this year?
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    What games did you play in school?

    On the playground with friends, Beast Wars, Star Wars (Super lame) and Mortal Kombat. And there was always that one asshole who joined in and would actually hit you. What?It was the 90's, you couldn't do shit on computers in school other than type, and it took a long time for me to want to be...
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    Was bioshock infinite the worst AAA FPS ever made?

    *Rolls eyes* Jesus christ, you people. Not even in the slightest. It's not even anywhere near a bad game.
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    How could I have deprived myself for so long?

    Mass Effect. I played this when Mass Effect 2 came out wanting to have a Shepard and choices to have carry through into ME2. It was a revelatory experience that brought me back into gaming.
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    So...Other M wasn't a terrible game.

    There is nothing subjective about the verdict of Third Birthday. Third Birthday is an abomination of a video game and a supreme travesty for the Parasite Eve series. It deserved better.
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    Recommend Japanese Games

    Tenchu series. But stick too the PS2 games because I doubt you'll be able to adapt to PS1 stealth that isn't Metal Gear. Soul of the Samurai Way of the Samurai series. Stick with the ones that aren't absurdly priced.
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    What games would you make your children play?

    The ones I grew up with so they would have an appreciation for the old stuff and where gaming came from and hopefully along the way they would actually grow fond of these. Because FUCK NO would I let the little shits get a modern system with all the money milking schemes that games are built...
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    Your personal top 3 games you have ever played.

    Spyro The Dragon Mass Effect Blood Dragon
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    Nintendo just Other M'd Star Fox

    Yeeeeah we all know it was more than gameplay taking a departure from the traditional Metroid style that made Other M what it is.
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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta.

    Snide jerk comment that I can't delete because the Escapist doesn't believe in a delete button. Ignore.
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    Dark Soul's 3 doesn't feel like a Miyazaki game.

    Lol and so the "It's not as good as Dark Souls" portion of the cycle begins. Next stop at "It's a travesty unworthy of the name Dark Souls".
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    Post Your Favorite Trailers/Cutscenes/Cinematics

    Isn't that pretty much Blade Runner? As for my favorite trailer (I've done the post your favorite cinematic/opening numerous times. I need a break) Favorite trailer of all time EDIT: Ah hell here's a runner up
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    Greek DOOM Comic: The First Pages

    Well I for one would like to say thank you so much for sharing this with us dude. I'm being serious,(just clarifying in case I seem disingenuous or sarcastic) thank you for taking the time to share. I actually get a kick out of seeing old stuff like this.