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    Poll: Would you change your gender?

    I'd try out being female just to gain a better perspective on what it is like for women (which I know already is rough, but there is no such thing as too much perspective). I'd like to know the emotional and psychological impact being female would have upon my mind. It would also be fun to be...
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    Any good game/general geek sites that dont moan about sexism/racism/homophobia?

    We could travel back in time to popular culture 20 years ago when bitches, blacks and gays apparently didn't exist, lol :)
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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    Homophobia. It's sexism, hatred and fear all wrapped up in a bow and you don't even have to be gay to be a victim of it. In fact, the vast majority of victims of homophobia are straight men. But just try telling any gay man that sexism against men doesn't exist...that'd be fun :)
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    Here we go again: Anita Sarkeesian and the gaming community

    Sarkeesian will be a consultant for the video game, that's fine. I don't think any differently about Mirror's Edge now that Sarkeesian is involved than I did prior to her involvement. The first Mirror's Edge is a good game and I'm hoping the sequel refines the concept to evolve the property...
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    Poll: Gay Gamers - What do you want?

    I mean no offense, but this thinking is exactly what marginalizes people like me. There's a thousand video games that allow customizing female characters using revealing, sexually provocative attire. But men? I'm gay; I adore men sexually. How many video games cater to this desire in the...
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    Poll: Gay Gamers - What do you want?

    I can only speak for myself and the people I know well, but my hope for LGBT representation is the same as it has always been for both us and other under-represented groups like women, minorities, etc. That "hope" is: An acknowledgement that we exist in popular culture That we are not...
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    I'm thinking about starting to watch gundam, where should I start?

    I've only ever been a casual fan of Mobile Suit Gundam but I'll tell you a bit about myself and my experiences with the franchise which may help you to choose a starting point. I'm an older fan of anime, getting my start way back in the 1980s when I was very young. I was about 7 years old...
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    A Question to the Forums: WTF is "Toxic Masculinity"?

    Very true. Many of the problems with our nations stem from our culture idolizing the worst aspects of human behaviour, deeming those behaviours the sole pervue of "men" and then rewarding abusers for it. It's no wonder most of our captains of industry are sociopaths when we have a population...
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    Christmas movies you watch EVERY year

    Bad Santa (2003) Scrooged (1988) Home Alone (1990) Die Hard (1988) Lethal Weapon (1987) Christmas Vacation (1989)
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    Mis-used internet buzzwords : today's discussion brought to you by the word "whitewashing"

    Politics are ALWAYS an "issue". Exclusion, racism, greed and discrimination are politics whether people want to acknowledge human nature or not. Yes, we no longer see nefarious hand-wringing racists in white pointed hoods publically lynching minorites. Those that still want to have been...
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    Star Wars VII trailer is out!

    Agreed. At the risk of wallowing on a subject about the teaser that is already getting WAY too much attention by the hardcore science analyst wannabes, I do think the actual function of that lightsaber is more interesting than discussing the damned blade guard. The lightsaber looks really...
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    Star Wars VII trailer is out!

    Watching the teaser again today I became consciously aware of something I only saw subconsciously the first time I watched the teaser yesterday: the flight of the Millenium Falcon. One of the things that really registered with me about the teaser was that fantastic flight sequence at the end...
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    A Question to the Forums: WTF is "Toxic Masculinity"?

    It's just a buzz phrase for popular culture, meant to communicate the ways the excessive patriarchal society of North America harms men. The easiest example is when men will avoid thinking, talking, acting or dressing in certain "ways" because our culture has collectively deemed those "ways"...
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    Star Wars VII trailer is out!

    Well, the teaser certainly looks like a far different film than the prequels, both in tone and technique. Which we knew to expect, but I will say that as a long time film fan, some of the shots felt slightly jarring to my eye. I associate Star Wars with the 1970's style of filmmaking. The...
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    Poll: "The game gets better later on"

    My tolerance for "boring" is always far less than most of the people I know, so I NEVER trust when my family or friends tell me "It gets better". I know the younger you are, the easier it is to forgive "boring" and embrace the elements of a video game, an album, a TV show or a movie that...