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    Gay Marriage: Is It Perhaps Moral to Oppose It Independent of Religion?

    I think I'll contribute something a brother of mine stated: "If you're adding labels to whether or not people get the same rights, you're doing it wrong." These things are considered 'Human' Rights, after all.
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    Poll: Woman guts horse, takes pictures in it's carcass

    If, as claimed, the horse was indeed terminated by legally-permissible means. No crime there. There's a little question in my mind about the ethics and hygienic concerns of wearing a dead horse. But what really strikes me as a matter of public concern is the taking pictures and posting...
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    Poll: Have you ever been in love?

    There's been a few times I'd thought I'd been in love (romantic), but learned later in life it was just hero-worship (wanted to be more like them, but not with them). Best theoretical definitions at this point? Love (romantic): A combination of physical, emotional, and mental attractions...
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    Pedophiliac Protagonist.

    Judging purely from some of the theories of game design, a character such as that is likely to fail at being a relatable protagonist. A lot of games create the 'mute' protagonist as a way of letting the player imprint their own personality on the character and others are wary to even attempt...
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    Unskippable: Metroid: Other M Part 2

    I never thought I'd find something redeeming about this game, thank you for turning it into comedy gold, Unskippable.
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    Porn Stars Start Topless Gaming Site

    At first I was skeptical and wondered who would even try something like this. Got to the bottom, saw the IGN link and it all made sense. Time to tack another nail into my boycott.
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    Panda Poop May Solve World Energy Crisis

    We're going to solve the energy crisis of a non-renewable resource by replacing it with an even more limited resource? I'm concerned that scientists are wasting time and money pursuing a nearly dead end with this one. If there were research finding household pets' leavings could be used...
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    Is it weird to get naked in front of animals?

    My thanks to the many pet-phobic nakedness injury imageries, it was a great laugh and I'll never understand how you guys live with those things. I think the determining factor is intent of actions. Whether there was nakedness for the sake of practical utility (such as changing clothes...
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    Guys (or girls I guess): How would you react to this?

    Laughing hysterically for about a minute, realizing they're serious, then asking them to seek therapy because no sane person has or will ever find me attractive. Huh, didn't think there'd be someone else with a similar answer. I guess by statistics I'm not alone in the outliers.
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    Poll: Favorite pony!

    Definitely Drumstick. See here for reference:
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    Poll: Would you ever have children?

    Used to think the answer would be "NO!" then took up a job as a friend's live-in nanny and realized that if I actually had the capability to I probably would, maybe even having been knocked up in high school. So, my answer is, "No..." /sigh Must be nice having choices. I don't consider...
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    Poll: Moral choices in RPGs

    Consequences of moral decisions in a game should be illustrated through story, in-game event consequences, and/or subtle influences not an obvious mechanic displayed on the user interface. Forcing someone's perception of what is good and what is evil on the player will always seem out of...
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    Poll: Should prison inmates be used in pharmaceutical trials?

    Consent is certainly a necessary step, though sometimes prisoners are in there due in part to undiagnosed but still serious mental illness, which would have a negative impact on the testing process.
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    Poll: Shaving of the Downstairs

    It's always struck me as disturbing when people prefer themselves or their partners as being shorn down there, like they were a closeted paedophile or somehow ashamed of adulthood. I'm certain there's plenty of good reasons to do so, but for aesthetics alone strikes me as incredibly odd...
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    Ubisoft Unveils a Sexy Wii Minigame Compilation for Adults

    I'm sure I missed the part where there was any motivation to buy such a game. Wouldn't it be a lot easier just to skip the game altogether and just do this stuff anyway? Besides which, nothing about a Wii's control scheme suggests anything they were doing was actually remotely necessary to...