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    So apparently Madcatz are up poop creek...

    Not really surprising. Just about the only quality products they sell are their fightsticks, and that's one hell of a niche market.
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    Steam Summer Sale 2015 after action report

    -Sniper Elite 3 -Brothers -6ish Payday 2 dlc packs -Shovel Knight -Ori and the Blind Forest About $42 USD by the end.
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    What have you got from the GoG Summer Sale?

    So far? STALKER trilogy (got Clear Sky for free) Trails in the Sky Far Cry 2 and a free copy of Sim City 2000, which I already have.
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    Should I Get Dark Souls I or II?

    I think some of the problems people had with the second one were the wonky hitboxes. Been awhile since I played it so I'm not sure if they've been fixed though. Truth be told, I preferred DS1 more because of...
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    Free to play ESO worth playing?

    Picked it up after ZOS dropped the sub. Been having fun with it.
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    Quick question(s) about Persona 4

    The story is self-contained so you shouldn't be lost. Gameplay is explained in the first 2 hours of the game. The only other remake is for the Vita, so I'd recommend that version if you have one. Original P4 is perfectly fine though.
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    2014 Steam Winter Sale casualty report

    Let's see... State of Decay for $5 Darksiders Franchise Bundle for ~$9 Goat Simulator for $3 Lego LotR for $5 Transistor for ~$6 Recettear for ~$6 So a little over $30, which is a hell of a lot less than usual.
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    Heaven or Hell, LET"S ROCK

    Already have it preordered. Really hope Arksys uses those arcade stick drivers that the Skullgirls devs are giving out...really don't want to buy another stick just for the PS4.
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    Buying a PS4, and I need a hand

    +1 for Last of Us Remastered and GTA5. Shadow of Mordor's also worth looking into. Second Son was pretty good as most have said, not as good as previous games in the series, but still worth a look. If you're into fighting games, Guilty Gear Xrd comes out in a couple weeks as well.
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    Worst customer service you've ever had (rant happy)

    It's a scam. Get calls a couple times every few months from them and have plenty of fun screwing around with them. Kinda like these guys. Long story short, your computer is...
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    What was your first Platinum Trophy?

    Either Assassin's Creed 2 or Uncharted 2...neither of which were particularly fun to get. Goddamn feathers >_>
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    Rollercoaster Tycoon 4!

    Read the title, got excited. Saw the disappoint. Dammit it's like the Breath of Fire 6 announcement all over again :(