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    Poll: How would you punish a rapist?

    The one thing to remember whenever you discuss punishment is that the law isn't prefect - and it likely never will be. There is no way to be certain that every person who is sentenced was actually the perpetrator. Thus capital punishment, while potentially an efficient way to protect society...
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    Things you regret saying on forums

    I have frequented a variety of different forums and the content of my posts shift more dramatically than you might expect across them. More to the point, so does the dumb shit I say on them. There are drama posts pre-teens would be ashamed about on several role-play forums, embarrassing...
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    Arachnophobics Recoil; Spider Storm in Brazil

    Ahh, but why does movement with greater than four legs terrify you?
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    Your Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges

    Yep. I like to do pacifist and ghost runs of games like Dishonoured and Deus Ex. In these games I also prefer to play on harder difficulties. There's just something about a well built stealth game that makes harder modes fun - where as in many other games this is the opposite. In racing...
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    The Worst Big Youtubers

    Hell no - and I probably never will. That thing was just ridiculously painfull.
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    The Worst Big Youtubers

    ... Fucking hell, thirty seconds in and I already want him dead. Thirthy-five seconds in and I can no longer express how much I want him dead. That guy is popular?
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    The genre you never really cared for

    Complexity does not equal depth, and a game driven solely by mechanics with no meaning is inherently shallow. While narrative can achieve depth in a game it exclusion does not preclude it. Rather, the problem with Fighting Games as a genre is they do not utilise their mechanics to create...
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    The genre you never really cared for

    Right, because you can now give me an example of a fighting game that is deeper than its mechanics. Simply taking a position to the contrary does not make me wrong. As for shooters, those that are purely about the glorification of violence I still oppose. The difference is I can think of...
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    Arachnophobics Recoil; Spider Storm in Brazil

    I don't understand why arachnophobia is so prevelant. That video was actually pretty boring, once the initial wonder at such an awesomely large web passed.
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    The Elder Scroll's series.

    They could start by making me care about the combat again - it would go further than adjusting the combat system more. I've put a lot of hours into Skyrim but most of them were just modding. I spent my entire time wandering around Skyrim trying to find meaning in my actions. Or if thats too...
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    "Gamer With Pride" Wrong Foot Forward?

    The message seems to imply that if you don't respect gamers because you play games, the world would be better off without you. I honestly couldn't care less, and I'm not even sure I disagree. At the very least it's still a poorly expressed message. Meh.
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    Who makes the better villain? Men or women? Or rather, who do you love to hate more?

    I agree. In fact, I don't find people "built like brick shithouses" particularly threatening in real life either. The only thing that might be worth mentioning is that, generally speaking, I find the depiction of women in media to be more frequently plagued by 'weaker' stereotypes than males -...
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    Transgender Q & A

    Ha ha, I understand completely. Anonymity is pretty awesome, I wouldn't want to talk about any particularly personal topics without it. As for the video; first - switching to the male voice actually made me jump. As for the voice itself, her speech felt stilted and unnatural yet the actual...
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    Conversations with genuinely stupid people

    I have this happen incredibly often (and of late, they've been happening on the Escapist quite a bit). I find such arguments quite enjoyable for a little while, so I'll engage in them. After a few posts I find myself no longer enjoying the endeavour, which is always entirely futile, and I leave...
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    Platinum Urges Fans to Bug Nintendo About Bayonetta 2 Port

    People are still complaining about this? I figured this was last years news. Oh well.