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    OnLive Extends Free Service Offer

    My internet service went down again today, for about 5 minutes or so. My Xbox 360 continued to play the game my son was in the middle of, with no interruption. My PC was still functional, although I did have to restart a couple downloads. Tying my game playing to a connection that is...
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    Nintendo Admits Decline in Demand for Wii and DS

    Well, of course demand for the Wii is falling. Why would you want one of those when Microsoft is releasing the Kinect? :D Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes.
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    ESRB Blows the Privacy of Privacy Complainers - UPDATED

    And the people they're replying to are people who wrote in to complain about their concerns about privacy over Real ID. In other words, the people whose privacy they've violated are people who demonstrated a concern about having their privacy violated. On another note, does anyone else...
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    Blizzard Nixes Plans to Require Real Names

    I am genuinely surprised. I wouldn't have expected them to backtrack so quickly. Their "We are listening" really sounded like empty promises, especially when paired with their repeated "Forum participation isn't mandatory" refrain. I'll try not to let the hope go to my head...
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    Blizzard is "Definitely Listening" to Real ID Feedback

    First, I didn't say anything about Marie Antoinette. The quote is often misattributed to her, but she didn't say it. Exactly who, if anyone, actually said it is a matter of debate. Look it up. In any case, it's not the source of the centuries-old statement that matters, it's the meaning...
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    Blizzard is "Definitely Listening" to Real ID Feedback

    Is it just me, or does their "listening" and response to complaints sound a lot like the proverbial French princess who said of her subjects, "Let them eat cake!" ?
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    Hulu Denies PlayStation Plus Required for Premium Service

    Erm, it came from their own website; I'm not sure if they can dismiss it as "rumor" so easily.
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    Sony to Nintendo: Leave Our 3D Glasses Alone!

    As long as Sony continues with Kevin Butler's ad campaign, they are in no place to complain about anyone bashing their implementation of anything. Even their E3 press conference was full of little jabs, mostly aimed at Microsoft but some at Nintendo as well (especially if you count statements...
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    Internet Approves .XXX Domain Just for Porn

    Completely useless. All sites are not going to voluntarily move to the .xxx domain. They might open up another address there, but they won't leave their existing URLs. They want traffic. They want you to stumble on their sites and never leave. That's why they pick names that are really...
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    Microsoft Offers "Nationwide" Kinect Demo In Only Four Locations

    Well, there's one in my general neighborhood, so that's good enough for me. :D OT: Anyone else find it odd that Microsoft's own home town isn't on that list? Or is Redmond, WA not listed because it's just "assumed" that Microsoft's home store counts, too?
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    You Don't Know Jack to Make a Return

    Uh oh, it's time for a Snickerclish Restroom! I think I still have the beta copies they sent me when I signed up to beta test a ton of Berkeley Software stuff. Somewhere, I still have the T-shirt. :D
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    Jaffe Explains His Twisted Metal Lie

    QFT I still have yet to hear it explained why people listen to this guy. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why do we care?
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    No "Red Ring of Death" for the New 360

    I guess we now know who is replacing J Allard as head of Microsoft Xbox...
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    Microsoft Unveils Two Natal Games Early

    Sure, the Wii has shovelware, but the Xbox 360 has shovelware WITH ACHIEVEMENTS. So there. :P
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    Microsoft Unveils Two Natal Games Early

    Double Dare? You really think that would be a good idea? I don't know...