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    Well Peta Finally Went There...

    its actually hilarious when anyone talks about pokemon and what it means in terms of abuse and slavery when they don't know jack about the setting. most pokemon are orders of magnitude more powerful physically than their trainers, Pokeballs can be broken out of/resisted easily most of the time...
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    Skyrim elves look AWFUL :(

    hey! thats a dirty stereotype! I have friends who are elves!
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    You can now fuse any two things

    ... yeah, but do you have any idea how much that would hurt?!
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    Mass Effect Movie: No Femshep, no Seth Green, Original Story.

    if there is one thing in the universe that will torture me into a supervillain, its will be this movie. this movie will be -evil- you mark my words, its shadow shall weigh as a cloud of Doom and its hate shall pursue us to the ends of the world. this movie will -rape your heart- and kill you...
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    Can there be a gay character in a children's show?

    well, I'd be behind that simply because it would be removing something from the barbie franchise, and really, I'll take what victories I can get against that abomination.
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    Can there be a gay character in a children's show?

    in theory I have nothing against it, but thats only if everything was handled maturely and wasn't just an attempt by the creators to make a statement or gain attention. and I really don't think that would happen. the homosexual would either be a lisping caricature, or there would be special...
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    You are going to be killed by the last weapon you used in a game. How are you feeling?

    I think most of us would take a beating from Juri. spirit bomb in dbz burst limit. hmm.... actually, that might not be able to kill me outright...
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    Your superhero name!

    the gray book. I could work it if I called myself the gray tome. alright!
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    A Question for all you Global Warming skeptics

    it is not that I oppose the creation of renewable sources of energy, it is mostly that I disagree with individual methods or channels by which this function is performed. I think this is a fairly common view.
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    Your signature melee weapon

    why do they have two sided handguards??? those look ridiculously difficult to hold
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    Poll: If you had to lose one sense, what would it be?

    smell. its more important than people think, but less so than the others
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    You have just KILLED your avatar!

    and smote his ruin upon the mountainside
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    North Korea? Don't make me laugh.

    you know bob, every time I think of something to post in this thread, all I have to do is scroll down to see that you've already said it.
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    Tsunami "payback" for Pearl Harbour

    really? endless torment for being a douchenozzle? that seem fair to you?