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    Nintendo Announces Female Version of Link, 'Linkle,' for Hyrule Warriors Legends

    Why is everything about her so stupid? Her name, her outfit, everything? I'm all for a female Link, but I was hoping for a version that wasn't terrible.
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    OK, let's choose our GOTY and our biggest disappointment of 2015

    GOTY: Undertale.Not necessarily the most expansive game ever, but probably the best put-together one. Disappointment: MGSV. Gameplay's fun enough, story and characters suck. Still enjoyed it, though. 2015 has been a pretty good year for games overall, in my case. Fallout 4 gets an...
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    Misused Terms You're Sick of Seeing

    Censorship. Bias. Pretty much every word used by the people who seem to care about how people talk about games more than they care about games themselves.
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    Poll: Facial Hair. Yay, Nay or damn that's just hay.

    I love having proper facial hair, but I can't stand stubble. It's itchy and annoying, and it's the main reason I don't even bother shaving during the infrequent periods where I don't have to keep up appearances. And I always hate how I feel like I'm way younger after I shave. I also like...
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    Poll: Would You still Early Access / Pre-Order a game today?

    I preordered Star Wars: The Old Republic and Age of Wonders III. I was satisfied with both of them. I'm a lot more wary of preorders than I used to be, but in a lot of cases, I can trust that a game will be worth buying.
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    Poll: Does Hatred actually look like a good game?

    I might end up buying it if it demonstrates some self-awareness. Despite what the developer says, I'm not entirely convinced that anyone would make a game this shocking unless they have something to say, and such a hot topic could be worth exploring.
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and all things there-of.

    I made a female Majin named Birbu. I'm not a clever person, so I didn't try to make any sort of clever name--I just made up some nonsense that sounded somewhat feminine and Buu-ish. I started out pretty physical, but as the game started getting harder, I settled into high defense, stamina, and...
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    PSA: Ubisoft is Revoking Far Cry 4 CD-Keys From 3rd Party Re-sellers - Update 2

    Keep in mind that Ubisoft had already recorded those sales in the books. As far as their accounts go, they effectively just lost a lot of revenue through no fault of their own. Although the keys are not physical objects, they are still property, and it makes sense to seize the stolen property...
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    Hatred Rated Adults Only by the ESRB

    1) Hatred didn't need to send the game into the ESRB to get rated, you know. The ESRB is a voluntary service. 2) The ESRB exists to inform consumers of the content of a game. It doesn't censor anything. It's true that giving the game an Ao rating made it harder to acquire the game, but you're...
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    Hatred Rated Adults Only by the ESRB

    In GTA and Saint's Row, it's all about catharsis. Although GTA is fairly tasteless, the people you kill still aren't made to look realistically sympathetic--on some level, you're aware that they're lifeless simulations that exist solely for your amusement. Hatred goes out of its way to show your...
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    Holy crap, Frozen suuuuuucks.

    Dude, you've just gotta let it go. OT: Tangled sucked.
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    Poll: (research) Why do guys typically play more video games?

    The amount of men and women playing games is actually about the same when you take the casual market into account. But you wouldn't be asking here unless you were talking about core games. 1. Yes. a. Because people think that games are for men. b. So many ways that I simply cannot be bothered...
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    What are you wearing?

    LSU athletic shorts and a Buddha T-shirt that's one size too big. Comfortable attire for the unemployed layabout.
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    Frozen 2 Is Happening, Says Elsa's Voice Actor

    Not surprised. On the one hand, I do want to see what happens after the end of Frozen. On the other hand, Disney sequels suck. Honestly, I'd be happiest with a short work that explores what happens now that Elsa is accepted by her people. If it introduces a new villain, that's probably a good...
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    Origin Black Friday Starts Early + Microsoft Store Deals Preview

    I must admit, I'm impressed at Origin's discounts.