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    Why do you suppose Canada is never a civilation choice in the Civilation games?

    Not a very large player on the global or historical scale.
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    Nova Scotia is pretty awesome if I must say so myself. If you have a problem with the cold though, you better move to Vancouver.
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    Is this right, or even legal?

    His fault, Should'a just gotten water.
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    Battlefield 3 beta is ready for PC, but theres just one thing holding it back.

    Hahahah, suck it PC Players. Wait, that means I still have to wait. Fuck. And I have to wait longer for the PC Beta I also plan on playing. Fuck.
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    Chaos Divided (Warhammer 40k)

    Actually the Emperor is in between life and death while he sits on the Golden Throne of Terra. Uh, I had some Khorne Berserkers once but I could not abandon my lovely Guardsmen.
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    Give America the credit due

    You're seriously saying that without the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the United States humanity would have never harnessed electricity, or the automobile, or space travel? What kind of paint thinner are you drinking? Seriously, how can you think that if Benjamin Franklin was...
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    What brought you to the Escapist?

    Zero Punctuation.
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    Poll: If God had a nationality, what would it be?

    Israeli. Also, White American and Black American are not different nationalities. At all.
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    Poll: Who do YOU think has the most elite military unit in the world?

    Either the North Korean Special Operations Force or the plethora of Israeli Special Forces. The former is recruited from orphanages and indoctrinated on a level Hitler could never imagine. The latter lives in a state of constant warfare with the knowledge that there are many larger nations...
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    You are in the U.S please speak English

    Yeah, and everyone that lives in Canada should speak English and French, how dare they desecrate our land with their vile foreign tongues! I say we, as a people, rise up and deport every person in Canada, no, North America, that can not speak English! Vive Le Anglais!
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    EA May Terminate Your Origins Account After Two Years

    So? Just log in, not play it, once in a while. Mine just starts when I turn on my computer, that's all you need. It's not about if you play every game you own every two years, though if you own a game and haven't played it for two years it's fair to assume you don't plan on playing that game...
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    What is the hardest country to invade?

    The PRC. They have a nearly bottomless well of available military reserves, desert to the north and mountains to the south-west. Only real problem is their navy is terrible. Like, really, really bad.
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    Poll: Do you find ginger hair attractive?

    I don't see how you could not
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    **Terror in Oslo** UPDATE: Anders Breivik gets 8 weeks of custody

    Try not to die if your in Oslo. Stay inside and wait for the authorities to give an all clear.
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    Since there is no set amount of soldiers that would mean I have 500 Million Imperial Guardsmen at my command. As weak as a Gaurdsman is compared to a Space Marine, I would love to see them go up against modern soldiers.