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    The Old Republic Conquers Space In Galactic Starfighter

    Meh. I'd rather wait for Star Citizen. <youtube=S0tLbWv5K60>
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    EA Plans Free-To-Play For Every Major Franchise

    I really should be mad at EA now but since I stopped buying their games a long time ago all I can say is: "Drat, I've been right all that time." Seriously, I cannot even be mad at them that I will never see the new Mirror's Edge. It's gonna be a shitload of stupid DRM and bad design ideas anyway.
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    Poll: Do you feel EA will do the Star Wars franchise justice?

    I must say that i kissed the Star Wars franchise goodbye when I heared that Disney had dumped it in EA's lap. Remember Knights of the Old Republic? Yeah, I cannot forget either. So much potential and they had to try to be like World of Warcraft. It's a no-brainer that Battlefront is going...
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    Witness The Evil Within's Terrifying Gameplay

    This is the future of survival horror? Crappy graphics, gritty look, generic setting... I don't want to be a dick but "I'm sure it will look great on PS4" is not a selling argument for me. I think I'll pass. Captcha: it will pass. Right on, captcha.
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    Watch Dogs Hacks Everything

    This. It was what I thought when I saw the first trailer of the game. I have high hopes for this one. One reason to look forward to November.
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    Titanic Conflagration

    Hm. That strip was something, but definitely not funny. Do not get me wrong: I like it! It does capture the sad story that is Micro$oft these days quite good.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: To Kill a Microsoft-bird

    And yet another reason to thank god for Jim. That song was simply beautiful.
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    Xbone Week #5

    Brilliant comic! I almost choked on my coffee.
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    Thank god for you, Jim. But this one time I've got to disagree with you: On the day when the industry has manages to slay it's last menacing foe it will NOT start to blame itself for it's own darn mistakes. It will blame the customer of course. Captcha: sick puppy. Fitting.
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    How young were you when you started gaming?

    Does "Pong" count? Then I must have been about 10 years old when I started. Wasn't a gamer before that simply due to lack of opportunity.
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    Kinect Causes Trouble for Viewers During Xbox One Reveal

    When I read this I could not get this picture out of my mind:
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    Kinect Causes Trouble for Viewers During Xbox One Reveal

    This is such a sad sad story, yet I cannot stop laughing. Is it even possible to make this presentation even more ridiculous? (I'm guessing: yes. Let's wait for E3. Don't forget the popcorn.) Could someone take the shovels of Micro$oft? They really do not need these to dig themselves deeper.
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    Zeno Clash II Review - Lovably Absurd

    Hm, I thought about getting it. This review says I will.
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    Dishonored's The Knife of Dunwall DLC Out Now

    It's money well spent. If you like Dishonored you should definitely get this. Played it through and loved it. Can't wait for the final DLC and the story's conclusion. Captcha: honey mustard. Really?!
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    Jimquisition: Dark Souls and Dark Sales

    Time will tell if developers like EA will survive the coming years, but looking at the mismanagement and... well, utter bulls**t that runs rampant in these companies I'd say it is doubtful at least. I am still not convinced that losing the big companies will be a good thing exactly, but hey...