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    5 Pro marijuana arguements that aren't helping

    That article is invalid.... To say just 'omg, stop using bad arguments for legalizing pot', is a bad argument in it self. As 'stupid' arguments are most effective, purely due to general population awaraness, intelligence or attention span. As in, Just saying pot is less harmfull tha alcohol...
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    Best Tabletop RPG Quotes

    oh ye, on the Dark Heresy, we had our whole party dead during a massive Xeon fleet destroyed our imperial cruser,, they were killed while we were in escape shuttle, they were firing at us. Only my Imperial guard survived (fun fact, he was as literalte and as learned in lore as our cleric,m with...
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    Best Tabletop RPG Quotes

    Me as chaotic neautral rogue, after being pulled down in muddy lake, so i had to loose my treasure, armour and pretty much everything to escape, trying to steal from the chest of our extremely good and righteous paladin- stuff he saves up to give to the temple. paladin - 'Stop stealing that...
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    Why is Steam so broken and buggy?

    *thumbs up* It makes matters worse when a game requires bot Steam AND games for windows live....
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    If you want to gain status as hacker group, you have to hack a bunch of stuff first... All kinds of attacks and hacks... Simple as...
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    what sci fi or fantasy transport would you use

    I do not know, but it looks goddamn cool....
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    what sci fi or fantasy transport would you use

    I will fly on a godddamn dragon! And not one of those pussy house sized dragon, a drogon as big as a goddamn mountain!
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    The Big Picture: The Numbers

    That much is true, but consider this: Those poor CoD clones wouldnt exist, much less sell, if CoD didnt rack in so much dough... Same analogy goes for Korea and their MMO market... and this is whole point, so sure CoD might be a good game, but because it sells to well, money others invest...
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    Sony: Take note, this is how customer service is done right.

    Mpre than that, they should build their image back to the comunity. Lawsuit and bashing theirown customers, because a few choose to exploit loopholes - is now how you make good publicity. What you do from incidents like these, is lear what is exploitable in your systems and improve upon it...
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    Can (Internet) Piracy ever be Justified?

    Testing the game/music is what i accept as justifiable piracy. Say i pirated dragon age, played it, loved it, got payed from my work, bought it full price. Good example of things just rolling with it - was Mortiis with their Perfectly defect album - they made it free for download on their...
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    Alone in a room....

    That object is unobtainible without touching surface of his barain?
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    Poll: Save the world or Remake the world?

    Asking for peace and recieving it in such scenario is inhumane. Becasue there are few possibilities: a) There are no sentient beings to call the state of the world other than peace b) Every one is forced to be peacfull or die (as in your words), then there is no real choice and you just...
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    This scare the shit out of anyone else?

    I personaly have far more problem with US executing Saddam Husein than Osama Bin Ladden. Thing is, Bin Ladden attaked america in direc, as such he does become a target for that nation, while Husein, while being bigger mass murdurer, had nothing to do with US and did not act directly agains it's...
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    Poll: Save the world or Remake the world?

    Definetly remake. What i would like more thou (at first atleast), is such machine to simulate its implimintation of my commands. Like, say i would go change history arround 10th century, to unify the world in one empire and derive from religion into something more of technology cult and start...
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    So what is the escapist listening to... right now

    Those guys are AWESOME live. After seeing them live i cannot listen to their records. Seriously. because those pony beats are awesome =D