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    With Encryption Battle on Hold, Burner Phones Now Targeted

    I assumed he was referring to sex trafficking
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    DC Unveils Scooby Apocalypse and Future Quest Variant Covers

    Really? I thought he was supposed to look like a hipster. And he does, just missing some thick-rimmed glasses.
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    Worst case of good writing going south within moments

    I agree. I really liked the first book, even though as you say, the character was just a little too perfect. The problem for me, was that I thought there might be a point to his almost outlandishly over-the-top perfectness. As in, the story revolves around him telling his tale at his tavern, and...
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    The '10 Cloverfield Lane' Trailer Looks Nothing Like a 'Cloverfield' Sequel

    Im excited for this. I like JJ Abrams and everything Bad Robot, and the trailer looks good. Then again, Im also the type that enjoys M Night Shamyalan movies.
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    Watch: Independence Day: Resurgence First Official Trailer

    If I remember right, Will Smith isn't in it because the studio didnt want to pay him what he was demanding ($50 million). Anyways, very excited for this.
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    "The Know" app is what Peeple has nightmares of

    The only possible good I could see coming from it would be if every other app (facebook, tinder, etc) flagged users, as in, *This person has downloaded The Know*... it would make you think twice about wanting to associate with that kind of a person.
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    Konami Denies That Kojima Has Left, Says he is "on Vacation"

    Why would Konami want to cover up his leaving? What benefit would that give? I'm sorry, I haven't been following this and the last time I played Metal Gear it was on an NES and 2d. Can somebody fill me in? What motivation would Konami have for lying here? If he was leaving wouldn't it just make...
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    Help me figure out the name of this board game?

    Hello, Im trying to track down a board game that I remember hearing about quite a while ago. Im asking here because Im pretty sure there was an Escapist article on it. If anybody can help, Id greatly appreciate it. Im probably botching the details here, but involved some sort of doomsday horror...
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    Space-Aged Whisky: Brewery Sends Experimental Batch to ISS

    Ardbeg already did this with their 'Supernova'. Although they only sent a couple of vials I think, and was mostly just a marketing gimmick. Hopefully Suntory is more interested in the science.
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    Best total conversion mods?

    If youre a fan of space sims and feeling nostalgic, check out FS2Open. Its an open source version of Descent: Freespace 2, with engine upgrades. Its been a while since Ive checked it out, but if I recall, there were Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 TCMs.
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    Fish-Eating Spiders Are Everywhere - Except Antarctica

    Didn't homo-sapiens' intelligence develop shortly after switching to a fish-based diet, as the increased iron lead to brain development?* Is this the dawn of the planet of the spiders? *Probably not true, pulling that almost entirely out of my ass.** **This is the internet. I dont...
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    Shadow of Mordor Accused of Actually Using Assassin's Creed Assets

    I only know the basics of programming, so, for any Escapists out there who are in the know... Is it possible for one to actually 'recognize' their code from a gameplay video like that? What is happening specifically that makes this guy say, "Yup, I did that." Thanks
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    Amnesia Studio Unveils New SOMA Environmental Trailer

    Edit - Nevermind, I see that the gameplay trailer is actually really old news... Anyways, definitely excited for this.
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    Outlast This Launch Trailer, If You Dare

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that. Call me a wuss, but that looks scary as hell. I could not play that. *From somebody who has literally seen maybe 5 horror movies in his life, and played one horror game (It was FEAR, and yes, even it was too scary for me). **Don't actually call me a wuss, I have an...
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    SCOTUS Actually Played "Violent Video Games" Before Ruling On Them

    Where are you guys getting this whole "Supreme Court is a bunch of dinosaurs and don't understand the modern world" thing? I think those statements are being taken out of context... From the source: "?It?s a challenge for us,? Kagan said, while also noting that she herself uses email, goes...