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    Abandoned Online Games?

    I just thought of another Halo game that I bet is pretty dead. Halo Wars. The swan song of Ensemble Studios, and it was incredibly basic, whoever can build an army of their Uberunit the fastest wins the match. It never seemed all that vibrant during its heyday, I wonder how it's doing now.
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    Abandoned Online Games?

    I wonder how many people still play Halo 3. I guess it's still online technically, but I know that Halo 2 got taken down a couple of years ago. Then again a sizable portion of people still play MW2, so I wouldn't be surprised if it still has a decent-ish sized playerbase consisting of people who...
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    Games you are just plain terrible at?

    I suck at strategy games although I really enjoy playing them. Recently I've been trying to figure out Europa Universalis IV with very little success. I'm basically terrible at both real-time and turn-based games. Real time because my brain can't process that many things at once so my micro and...
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    Games that you stopped playing because of other players.

    It's called mute, buddy. OT: I've tried to stop being so whiny about MP games, I mean I used to take shit way too personally. I don't know if any of you remember my TF2 thread from many moons ago. I've been trash-talked, and yelled at and accused of being a pedophile and a "40-year-old...
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    Your five flaws

    You sound a lot like me minus the sleeping, and the performing arts parts. I've always been terrible with numbers. I'm sorry you have trouble sleeping by the way. So mine will be a bit similar. 1. I'm socially awkward. On this campus, I have one good friend who's transferring somewhere else...
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    You know you live in [Blank] when [Blank]!

    You know you live in the DC Metro Area when a subway is a "metro" no matter where it is.
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    Why Bronies (and Pretty Much Everyone) Should Hate the Brony Documentary

    Exactly a lot of bronies need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize they're really nothing special, just another fandom.
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    Why Bronies (and Pretty Much Everyone) Should Hate the Brony Documentary

    Agreed, OP another gripe I have is refusal to acknowledge the fandom's origin on 4chan, in fact if you want to be educated about bronies don't watch this documentary. It doesn't in any way sell the fandom to people who are unfamiliar with it, one of its intended purposes, it just goes on and on...
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    What made you sad today?

    Failing hard as solo top in LoL, luckily my friend managed to win the match but it was no thanks to me. I was just a free kill for the enemy team.
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    Poll: Do you live alone or with roommates?

    Alone, in my nice cozy single for the schoolyear, and then with family for the winter and summer breaks.
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    The most cringingly awkward video you have ever seen.

    I knew it was going to be MLS! Somehow I did before I clicked this thread. This channel is why I will never think of myself as a brony despire liking the show. That John de Lancie interview they uploaded a few days ago, I just couldn't get through. I've never felt more embarrassed for someone...
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    Kid Food you still Love

    I love sugary cereals, Cocoa Puffs are probably my favorite cereal of all time. I also eat Cap'n Crunch and Lucky Charms when I can. I seem to not be the only one, I'm in college now and whenever the dining hall has Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms they go fast. I actually come ten minute before they...
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    Useless team mates

    My friend recently hit level 30 in LoL and now he won't queue with me because he thinks I won't be able to handle the people he gets matched up with. I'm not the best LoL player myself but I've had some bad teams. This was the worst one, they fed the enemy team a full 5-course meal. You...
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    Realtime Pokemon?

    I had an idea for a team-based Pokemon game with real time battles possibly objective based. There'd be six Pokemon to a team effectively representing a trainer's team except this is a different way of battling. It would be important that your teammates picked varied Pokemon that covered a...
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    7zip error: "Not implemented"

    I'm trying to get a TF2 custom hud to work, I know I need to move the file folder containing the custom hud scripts to the steam/steamapps/(my account)/teamfortress2/tf but whenever I try to do this I get either "not implemented" or "operation not supported". The former when I find it manually...