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    Poll: God Friended Me (episodes 1 and 2) + Poll

    So this review is based on the CBS show God Friended Me here in the United States. I'd give details about myself as a reviewer, but that may be pointless given that this is my first review. To begin, this show finds it's premise in an atheist podcaster who is friended by an account Facebook...
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    Plea for a Tabletop subsciption box kickstarter

    I don't know if it's appropriate to post this here, but I'll try anyways. I'm not the creator of this Kickstarter project, but I stumbled upon it and figured that the escapist might be full of some people willing to back this project. I like the idea and really want it to come through, but no...
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    Poll: Has your taste in music changed over time?

    My taste hasn't so much as changed as it's just finally come out. I've finally found full versions of theme songs to my favorite anime and quite a few good chirstmas carols.
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    Gaming Companies Stop Sitting on GREAT Licenses!

    This or Kingdom Hearts 3. Also 'The World Ends With You' NEEDS a sequel.
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    What Music do you Like?

    Themes to my favorite anime, inserts to my favorite movies and christmas carols....passionately so for Christmas carols.
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    The Last of Us being made by Sony and Naughty Dog

    *shivers* echhh....Why couldn't we just make another Uncharted...or even another Crash Bandicoot or WAIT! A crash bandicoot COLLECTION set with trophies.
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    No matter how open-minded...

    For me, I can't quite grasp the significance of music just at all. I like christmas carols, but that's about it, and more than once at school it's gotten me verbally assaulted by the band nerds. Band nerds are also up there. I'm sorry, like the title says, I try to be open minded...but man...
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    Which is your favourite God?

    Just one: Which is your favorite God?
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    Which is your favourite God?

    You know actually I like my God. The God of Abraham, Jehovah, whatever you want to call him, I love God and I once had a philosophical talk with my dad in which the end came out to basically "God is as powerful as you can imagine him" so pretty much my God is...well see the catholic Bible (take...
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    Skyrim spawns a meme.

    THIS....THIS SAYS IT ALL!!! Thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    Retro-gamers of The Escapist?

    I forgot to ask: what constitutes 'retro'? Does it HAVE to be as far back as Atari, or can it be PS2?
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    What should you guys be doing right now?

    I should be kicking back and relaxing....and I am :)
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    Retro-gamers of The Escapist?

    As far retro as I'll go is picking up my snes once a year in an attempt to beat Donky Kong Country, aside from that, I'm pretty grounded in the current age.
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    Poll: The Best (Western) RPG Series of All Time

    Out of western rpgs? Now THAT'S tough....if I had to choose from this selection....I guess Dragon Age.
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    WARNING! this is a real threat to basic human freedoms!

    Personally I think the Patriot Act has plausability. This though, is going much farther than what the Patriot Act does.