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    Most annoying things about school

    In high school at least, the complete and utter disregard for creativity or quality. It doesn't matter if you did something amazing: Did it offend someone? Suspended. Did it break one of the assignment's requirements by a tiny bit? Failing grade. I am so glad that I was able to get out of...
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    A question for vegans and vegetarians

    I'm a vegetarian because I simply don'y like the taste and texture of meat. I was never fed meat as a child and so I never really developed a taste for it. To me, almost all of it tastes flavorless, tough, or disgusting. However, I LOVE the taste of tofu and fake meat. Tofu can be made to...
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    Poll: Are you happy?

    Yes, I'm VERY happy. I come from a very supportive upper middle-class family and am currently attending the college of my dreams. My courses are very rigorous (20-21 credits per semester to graduate in 4-years) so I don't really have a choice but to always be productive. However, I'm doing what...
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    Self Harm and You

    18,Male,Straight Never I've never experienced any sort of depression, though I have been surrounded by friends who suffered heavily from it. Some of them DID self harm. Hell, one of them even carved the word "Failure" into is arm. He eventually became suicidal, and he was so close to...
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    Steam Greenlights 100 New Titles

    Sweet! Full Bore finally got Greenlit. I backed that game and it's incredibly engaging, never quite played a puzzle game like it.
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    What Makes A Game Truly Pretentious

    I say that game becomes pretentious if it doesn't have enough self-effacing humor AND tries to shove its story in your face. The designers needs to accept that some people just aren't going to care too much about a serious story or a "2deep4me" meaning and design around it. By adding some...
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    The comic was hilarious. If Carter was seriously trying to make a point, though, he completely shot himself in the foot. Comics that rely on exaggeration and hyperbole are one of the worst ways to try and get a point across. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to take this comic...
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    Valve Greenlights 100 New Titles

    Sweet, Escape Goat got Greenlit! Still no Full Bore or Assault Android Cactus, though.
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    What's your favourite way to cuss without cussing.

    I usually say things like "What the flip!" or "Gosh darn it!" instead of swearing. I don't have a problem with swearing it's just that I haven't really ever sworn and don't really want to change that.
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    Poll: Do you believe in global warming?

    Yeah, the climate is changing. However, what I don't believe is that the effects of Global Warming are going to be nearly as "disastrous" as people say they are. I'm sure that it will sort itself out eventually if we just keep trying to find more environmentally friendly and efficient ways to...
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    Modern cartoons - I was wrong

    Gravity Falls is can get pretty edgy as well as kind of feely, especially for a Disney Channel show. It is also incredibly deep. If you're looking for a show that REALLY pushes the envelope in edginess, watch Dan Vs. In Dan Vs. people have been mortally wounded, one guy was implied to have...
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    Zero Punctuation: Papers, Please and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    This was a good episode, I really want to get Papers Please. On the joke, it's a joke. Jokes don't have to be technically correct to still be funny. It only becomes an issue if people take it seriously after the fact and THEN go on to actively discriminate based on their beliefs. You just...
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    "Medicine" in America

    A huge problem with our current system is that low-income patients without insurance can go to the Emergency Room for a bloody nose and don't need to pay a dime (the hospital just stops sending bills). A much better system would be if the government funding was spent on giving everyone a...
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    People who make death threats on the internet should go to jail?

    The problem is the the police simply don't have the time or resources to care about death threats that lack a motive or are unlikely to be carried out. If you called someone that far away from you and told them that threat I highly doubt that anyone would bother you, especially if they had no...
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    Poll: How much do you worry?

    Pretty much only when there is something very serious (such as education or money) on the line. I don't know, I'm always seeing time and time again evidence that, in the long run, everything will turn out better than expected. I rarely ever get angry, either. I just find that anger and...