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    Does Your First Anime Still Hold Up?

    I'll always love the Dragon Ball franchise, I grew up with it.
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    Your Most Hated Interpretation of A Character you like?

    I would say Revan in SWTOR. In KOTOR s/he is a blank slate character that I can interpret however I want, which is okay for a featureless protagonist (look it up on tvtropes). In KOTOR2 s/he is given a personality, but much of what makes it work is that Revan is not present and what we learn new...
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    Are you single or not ?

    I have a girlfriend. I'm afraid she might break up with me though. It'd hurt but I understand why she would. She's the first girl I've ever dated, and she's done plenty of dating in the past. The difference in experience is a hurdle sometimes and, to be honest, I'm not very good looking (Or any...
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    Why is the Wii U not succeeding?

    I want to get a WiiU but 1. I don't have a lot of cash right now. *2. Until more of the games I want come out, I'll have nothing to play (The game being things like Zelda, Mario, Pikmin, Super Smash, etc). *Yes I know some of those have been released already but I would like to wait for more...
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    You must move to a country that borders your own, forever - which do you pick?

    I have nothing against Mexico but I do not speak Spanish so I'd go with Canada.
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    What is your favourite anime?

    I like One Piece. I think Bleach is okay, but the filler arcs really hurt it. The Dragon Balls are classics, I mean come on everyone is familiar with.
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    Rebuild of Superpowers Getting Thread

    I got...
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    Who is was your favorite character(s) to use in the Smash Brothers games?

    The Puff and Captain Falcon Punch in all three games were my main characters.
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    Upcoming games you are most excited for?

    Rome Total War 2 is the one I'm really looking forward to right now. Dragon Age 3 (I know, but I feel I should give them one more chance for redemption) is another game I'm looking but that's not for awhile. I also have my eye on Project Eternity (working title, unless if they announced an...
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    Fictional characters you dislike that others like.

    Darth Bane. Everytime my friends and I talk about Star Wars he comes up. I am absoultely bored by the character, and all I hear is how he is a "badass","way cool", and "the most powerful Star Wars character", making a character(s) overpowered doesn't make him/her/it/them interesting. I found...
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    Continuity Errors Star War

    I didn't read all the Star Wars books, comic books, and etc, so I'm not sure if this was ever covered or not. But I recall in the prequel movies that it was established the jedi knew there were sith in the senate, or at least they were warned that there were. So why didn't the jedi just do a...
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    Let's play the superpower lottery!

    I got digital form. "The User's body is composed of Software Programs/Cyber Data/Digital Memory, allowing the user to interact with objects such as machines, robots, computers and other devices such as cars, phones, refrigerators or any other...
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    How long until TOR shuts down

    Am I the only one who thinks the free to play model is the future of MMOs?
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    Any newer cartoons that you enjoy?

    MLP:FIM, Legend of Korra, Amazing World of Gumball, and Ultimate Spider-Man (I know it's not nearly as good as Spectacular Spider-Man, but I've accepted the fact that Spectacular Spider-Man isn't coming back). Do animated shows for adults count on this list? Because if they do add; Archer...
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    Poll: A social/national stereotype experiment in regards to ME3 and its ending.

    American, didn't like the end. Because it was bad writting at the end. Extended Cut fixed many of the problems, like not having investigate options with the Catalyst, but not all. The big problem I had was shift in conflict. From it being us versus the reapers to the conflicts that arise from...