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    So...what games are ya'll playing?

    Terra Battle on my phone because its a genuinely fun f2p game (if really grindy) and also FFXIV since 2.4 dropped and hooray shiva (and hooray instant healer queues)
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    What is your gamer stereotype breaking hobby?

    Honestly the only non-gamer sorta thing i can think of is that I study Korean and can hold a conversation about some things in it however those things are either gaming, travel or work. I also like to take photos of things and mess about with electronics as well...
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    Doner Kebabs!

    Doner kebab is amazing after a night out Theres a place near where I live that does lamb doner, chips and a drink for 4 quid and oh my god its amazing
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    Recommend Me a Bad Anime

    [email protected] is the most confusing anime you will watch most likely It makes no sense but its SHAFT so head-tilts everywhere
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    Poll: Are Manners Dead/Dying In Our current And/Or Last Generation?

    Someone just wrote this for me thanks Seriously though, most people my age (also 17) are idiots and violent and yeah
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    So, other single people, what are your plans for febuary the 14th?

    Gaming not caring not getting annoyed at it I mean its a thing yeah, but its also kinda taken way too far both ways (enjoying it and hating it) So spending it doing what i normally do is a life plan
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    Do you think recent games in general hold the players hand and have become simplified

    Not all games have become super simple and decided to hold the players hand Really it just depends on the genre, and a lot of the games that don't do this seem to be RPG's while a lot that do seem to be those big action titles which just makes those kind of games more accessible for those who...
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    Fetishes you will NEVER understand

    anything to do with bodily fluids is a no also anything to do with loli and shota is a no no gore etc either, thats kinda crappy besides that I'm open to most things whee
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    Why Don't These Animes Ever Get Proper Endings? :(

    Actually I kinda feel like Mirai Nikki did that along with that Eureka Seven manga Gravity Boy and Lifting Girl But I haven't read either in long so yeah xD
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    The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

    TF2 Scout killed me second I spawned technically that means I should be dead now
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    I have just about had it with necromancy on the escapist

    Necroing is better than creating 50 threads about the EXACT same thing (hi xda)
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    Games you consider overrated

    Modern Warfare 2: I played the PS3 campaign from start to finish on my brothers PS3 and oh dear god whats up with that difficulty curve. The favela level was the hardest level of the entire game in my opinion Maplestory: Loads of people still like it but I will gladly smack the shit out of...
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    UK 'Piracy' student to be extradited to US

    Providing links isn't a crime (or at least it wasn't before) is it a crime now? Either way this is fucking stupid. I hope the USA Government's arse doesn't hurt too much from all the buttfucking the big media companies are giving them. This is stupid in /so/ many ways I don't even. I will...
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    Favorite type of food?

    spicy foods + korean food + a good british chippie its all good
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    Games you want to be announced

    A new MMO Music Game like O2Jam or DJMAX That or a new music game like DJMAX Trilogy Either one will do Oh also Mirrors Edge 2, preferably a longer game :V