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    Zero Punctuation: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    I'm afraid it is my duty to point out that the Caspian Sea is actually a lake. So unless you're already in the Caspian Sea, there is no way to get there by ship. Despite this barely tolerable mistake, I enjoyed the video, however. Thank you for that.
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    Interactive Narrative Means Choosing How Invested You Really Want to Be

    The defensiveness might be coming from your obscenely elitist manner of making your point. Calling one medium superior over others because it has, to date, produced more positive results, is not only an assumption, but also a matter of taste, and, moreover, very much owed to the fact that it is...
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    Overwatch Cheaters Are Getting Wrecked By Blizzard

    Is any repercussion completely justified because it was buried in some text that was deliberately written to be as obnoxious to read and incomprehensible as possible? Is that a proper and fair transaction? Hard-earned cash for a company's permission to consume a work that, in reality, everybody...
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    Anyone else think Sutherland was badass as Big Boss?

    I always felt Sutherland in this role sounds like a young version of Solidus, who is the actual clone of Big Boss iirc, so it makes sense in-lore as well. Never was happy with Hayter being cast as Big Boss, and he was never a good actor to begin with. A fitting for the character of Solid Snake...
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    What do you think about "it"?

    When beginning to learn English at school, I was taught that animals and babies whose sexes are unknown should be referred to as "it". I don't know, makes sense to me, and since we are referring to beings without gender identity I'm inclined to continue to do so. The baby might have male...
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    Why Silent Hill 2 Is Possibly The Greatest Game Ever Made

    As a person running around through the internet with Silent Hill avatars I have to say: Maybe SH2 is being considered the best of the best of videogame storytelling not necessarily because it deserves that spot, but because it has been called the best so many times that we have completely lost...
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    Is anyone else extremely disappointed with 'Next-Gen', or now this-gen.

    Not really. At least not particularly this generation. It's always been at least three years until I thought any one console had enough software to warrant a purchase, and we're not there yet. Maybe this generation has a slightly worse standing because PC isn't being neglected as much as it used...
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    White male protagonists in video games

    Then I think we are not really in disagreement with each other. A shit story will remain shit, even if you change some of your characters' skin colors. I was just trying to criticize the very often stated idea that "diversity for diversity's sake", as it's usually phrased, can, under no...
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    White male protagonists in video games

    I used the word "force" in this context, because usually, we tend to create characters that are more like ourselves, because we tend to tell stories that relate to ourselves - so when we "force" ourselves not to do that, that means we're making the conscious decision to do what we normally do...
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    Have Boycotts and Petitions EVER worked in the Game Industry?

    Why do you think that? Worst case scenario, the game wouldn't have been allowed to be sold in one country. What would DMA have been sued for? OT: Yes, people have mentioned examples where it has worked before. But even if it never had, that'd be a pretty bad reason not to try it again.
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    Games destroyed by Games for Windows Live

    Thanks for the heads-up. I own Bulletstorm for PS3 and thought I'd buy the PC version some time soon to replay it. I have the Mortal Kombat anthology which won't let me get past the start screen and one of the Dirt titles (could be 3) that won't let me save my game, both because of GFWL.Both...
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    Is Gaming fun anymore?

    Another one of the gaming mid-life crisis casualties. Well, here we go: I recently beat Alan Wake and was stoked about how good I thought it was, despite all the criticism I had heard about it. I've recently started Dark Souls, which is miles better than Demon's Souls IMO, I'm super hyped for...
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    8 of the Coolest Set-Pieces in Video Games

    I'd like to ask around what people consider to be set piece moments, actually. For instance, I wouldn't call the entry from MGS4 one because that's more or less a regular bossfight: you can try out different tactics, will have to master some skills if you want to beat it on anything other than...
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    Lionhead Tweets Old Fable 2 Artwork for National Cleavage Day, People Get Mad

    Neither do I. Just... meh. I'm literally shrugging my shoulders right now while I try to come up with anything worthwhile to say about this. Meh...
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    White male protagonists in video games

    The point of these sorts of spreadsheets (or the Bechdel test for example) is to highlight general tendencies in media landscapes, not to discriminate against singular characters. On your point of diversity for its own sake: Well... it may sound counter-intuitive at first, but if you think...