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    The many breeds of hater, which one are you?

    Mix of Golden Age and Biased I suppose. I'm not a total fit for either as I enjoy new games and usually am able to admit that it's "just my opinion". But at the end of the day I do tend to trend toward games with older stylings and then push those games as far superior when asked what I would...
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    The many breeds of hater, which one are you?

    I've got bits of the Golden Age hater and the Japanophile Hater (the guy who claims you're just bad mouthing it because it's Japanese or uses anime style aesthetic). But while I've certainly found myself defending both points at times I don't think I've ever been obssessive about it. Typically...
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    The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

    The Legend of Dragoon. I know the countries were named but was the actual world? I'm not sure. Oh well I now live in a world where a god tree gave birth to a hundred races in giant fruit and a race of omnipotent winged people stomp on humans scrotums.
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    Unskippable: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Though it doesn't REALLY mix Eggmans look at least SEEMED to be trying to fit in with the whole FF vibe, it wasn't perfect but he was recognizable while going for a more human like proportion. But then Sonic showed up...and it got weird.
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    Opinion on age of smexy time

    I figure 16 is ok, most kids know all about it by then anyway. But honestly until they're 20 it probably shouldn't be legal for anyone of greater than four years to do so with them. Of course that's ripe for incredibly screwed up law making and that's why they don't do it, but all this stuff...
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    Military recruitment on gaming sites

    ^ This, so this. As for the actual advertisements (the ones that don't get in the way the vile jerkoffs) what does it matter where they are? Do you complain when you see them on tv? On billboards? Anywhere else? If you've never complained about them there then what's the difference with them...
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    Someone please help me understand my parents thought process

    Some parents d-bag it up SPECIFICALLY to get you out of the house. They're under some impression that riding you like a horse is the best way to get you to move along quickly (you know, pretty much counterintutive to every study on human efficiency EVER). Though I can't say that's the case with...
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    What is the most irritating ending?

    Any RPG that spends 30+ hours building its world and characters, you beat it, and it has a less than minute-long closing cinematic that barely touches on anything. Bloody enraging. My most recent disappointment was Dragon Age 2. It was never as good story-wise as the first game but it had its...
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    Hip-Hop and Rap: What are your thoughts?

    Like some have said there have been a few songs out there I've found ok but those are the exceptions rather than the rule. Rap/Hip-hop can be good when it stops being juvenile and addresses other topics than the usual gangs, guns, and hoes. As someone who, you know, actually aged past...
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    Poll: School of Magic

    Illusion. I will take your cookies and your women while you have a conversation with what you believe to be a very intriguing talking rooster who promises to sell you opium.
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    How is the American War for Independance taught in the UK?

    Ignoring the topic since it's pretty much been answered in full at this point. I just get a kick out of all the super nationalist "my nation is so important" posters here. Someone asks a question and dozens of people jump on them for thinking America is so important outside its own boundaries...
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    Poll: "They just hate it because it's popular."

    Probably the closest I ever came was FF13. I heard all the stuff about how it pretty much had everything that made an RPG an RPG ripped out of it and went into the game expecting to hate it. Thankfully I DID hate it so I feel a little bit better about making presumptions but still I try to avoid...
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    what will the first mod in skyrim be?

    Horse armor. >.>... <.<.... just sayin.
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    Poll: Sex or Escapist

    I'm taking this and using it as my own answer.
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    Unskippable: Atelier Rorona

    Having played this game a lot more than some of the others that they've done I have to say I enjoyed it more. And while we can all agree JRPG's can be hilarious when taken out of their own context and posed against the "Does this make any sense?" (it's the hats, it's always the hats) question I...