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    First Guild Wars 2 Gameplay footage out

    its because there are two demo's available. one a level 1 human and one a level 60 charr. since the level cap is so much higher (level 80) you can deal much more damage to account for everyone having more health at higher levels.
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    Describe your "dream" game

    An open world game in first person with quirky graphics and a simple combat system, where you can explore the landscape and gather resources to build your own fortresses and castles without limitations or blueprints. It would have a day night cycle and every night the monsters would come out to...
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    Cosmic rays found in the Antarctic.....CTHULU!!!!

    The device that was used to detect those cosmic rays was designed by my father! :D He told me about this story earlier and was like, yeah, I made that device. I shit you not.
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    Confusing Films

    Heh, well heres the thing, It's a Coen Brother's film, and allllll of their movies are notorious for not having any meaning, it's more about the ride than the outcome. If you've seen Burn After Reading, which is another Coen Brothers movie, at the end a couple of the characters kind of make fun...
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    Games you've been waiting for for years.

    Guild Wars 2 TES V Episode 3
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    Confusing Films

    Really? heres explanation.. major spoilers ahead. watchmen fight club inception
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    Poll: Inception..Please Do !NOT! click this thread if you haven't seen it

    How could anybody think it stops spinning? The top is spinning in the final scene and then it cuts to the credits, there is no distinct sound of the top losing momentum and stopping. Plus, don't you think if Nolan meant for there to be a happy ending he would have made it obvious it stopped?
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    ok...this just trips me out..

    Holy shit, It got Andrew Ryan and Britt Daniels (lead singer/guitarist from Spoon)
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    Sexual proclivities you'd be ashamed to admit to in real life.

    Don't worry about it, It happens to the best of us (including me). Although for me its more about the transformation from human to furry itself that arouses me. But my main fetish is head to toe bodypaint. Thats my strongest fetish. (of the two i have) But I guess in a way theyre the same...
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    Recommend One Album

    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - Spoon Manners - Passion Pit
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    Understanding the 4th Dimension! (Will make your brain explode)

    You ninja-ing bastard :P There's the actual site and not just the youtube though.
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    Understanding the 4th Dimension! (Will make your brain explode)

    Thanks for posting that, it was very informative and explained the concept very well.
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    Understanding the 4th Dimension! (Will make your brain explode)

    Yes God exists in 4D... and his name is Luther (Cookie for reference)
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    Understanding the 4th Dimension! (Will make your brain explode)

    Oh, how lovely. Getting reported for expressing my opinion about something. Why do I even bother.. I came to this thread expecting to read something intersting. I went to the page you linked and I found zero interest. I posted that I found this to be completely uninteresting and frankly...
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    Understanding the 4th Dimension! (Will make your brain explode)

    Thats exactly what I was thinking. Also If time was the 4th dimension. what would the 5th, 6th, etc dimensions be? There goes that theory.