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    The Escapist Presents: MovieBob Reviews: Watchmen

    MovieBob is officially one of my heroes. Totally agree, loved that movie.
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    BioWare Makes It Official: Mass Effect 2 in 2010

    Second. I'd rather wait a while for a sweet game than get half-baked fan service quickly.
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    An In-Person Ass Kicking

    That brings back all kinds of system link memories. Good times. Tom, great article as always.
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    Stolen Pixels #71: PS3 Exclusive Interview

    I don't think Travis would appreciate that.
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    Stolen Pixels #67: A Place for Pie

    HAHA! Victory is mine!
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    The Escapist Show: Episode 17: LotR: Conquest

    Okay, even if the joke is a bit cliche by now, you have to admit Russ did a damn good job. Although he did miss the "You're a nice guy" line which was my personal favorite of the whole event. Great show as always.
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    Killzone 2 - A Trailer Review by Baby Tea

    "Unless, of course, your bullet has regenerating health, a sweet bullet cover system, and can shoot other bullets." That's a game of the year waiting to happen. I'd rush to the patent office right now.
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    Stolen Pixels #67: A Place for Pie

    I thoroughly enjoy how 'no' wasn't an option in the third frame. As always, well done.
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    Stolen Pixels #65: Ten out of Ten Stars

    Shamus, thanks for pointing out that my enjoyment of Fable 2 could actually be a result of some kind of will-bending trickery employed by Peter Molyneux himself. I'll have to investigate this further. As always, great SP.
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    Anger over Edge's KIllzone 2 Review

    That article disgusts me. Reviewers are entitled to disagree, I wish fanboys would shut up about it. I thoroughly enjoy Halo 3, but I didn't get pissy when Yahtzee tore it apart. In fact, I loved that review because it made valid points and showed the poor quality of some of the game's...
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    Oblivion is better (IMO)

    Both games are so drastically different in narrative and feel that it seems kind of odd to compare them. People who loved Morrowind often cite "improvements" made for Oblivion as flaws while others who weren't terribly fond of Morrowind defend these changes. Both games have their strengths...
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    Sex and the Single Gamer

    I couldn't help but notice that she left your 360. Aren't they worth a little more than shoes?
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    188: Forbidden Love?

    ... Yeah, that'd do it.
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    Can Art Be Games?

    I think you're on to something there.
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    Stolen Pixels #63: Terribly Mysterious

    Yeah, I tend to try and forget my character's motivation for the vast majority of non-linear games 'cause plot holes run rampant. Of course, Fable 2 takes that crap to another level. Excellent comic, as always.