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    EA Admits That SimCity Could Have Been Offline

    The problem here is that too many game developers have formed this unhealthy obsession with trying to force video games to be "social." Just so they can go to the critics and say, "See!? See!? Video games don't breed anti-social behavior! See! They're playing together! See!?" It's...
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    EA is going to die - and that will improve gaming

    And he's right to do so. You just watched a video of Simcity (5) working offline. What did the modder here do to make the game playable offline? He turned on "debug" mode and just disabled the prompts that demand players connect online. Nothing fancy like making a private server here...
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    Offer a new twist on an overused concept.

    A squad-based shooter where you don't just command your squad, but are responsible for them. Keeping the squad members in check. Calling in for a medical evac. when one gets hit. Recover the "dog tags" of those who fall in battle, and so on. Also, it takes place in the not-so-distant...
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    Movie Defense Force: Mortal Kombat

    Let us not also forget. Before the Mortal Kombat movie: "Johnny Cage is so lame." After the Mortal Kombat movie: "Johnny Cage is AWESOME!!!!" This movie made Johnny Cage awesome. 'Nuff said.
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    Jimquisition: New Generation, Old Bullsh*t

    Yeah... no. I saw a Sony that was learning from their previous screw ups. You thought you had something profound to say, but all I heard was a load of pretentious paranoia. Jim, I am disappointed. Escapist, I am disappointed. Thank god... for TotalBiscuit. Someone who is actually...
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    Congresswoman Defends Violent Videogames

    Ditto for me. Believing that access to guns causes violence is has illogical as well... believing playing video games causes violence. As the first facebook comment stated, "guns are tools." Just because someone missuses a tool isn't the tool's fault. After all, it's just an object...
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    Where Product Placement is Okay

    Burn Notice had an embarrassing example too. The best example of a car product placement is actually Terminator 3. Toyota got their truck in the movie and just let the movie makers beat the crap out of it in a chase scene.
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    GameStop Warns Against Anti-Used Game Technology

    Well no, they're not wrong. However, this is Gamestop and we're not suppose to agree with Gamestop... even if they are right.
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    In your opinion, what's the most overrated video game ever?

    So the most overrated game is the "get on a gaming forum and whine about whatever is popular/well-received/enjoyed-by-anyone" game? I can agree with that.
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    Death By Boring

    I'm kind of sick of underdog stories period. Frankly, I'd like to see a story about the "big team." The one with all the sponsors and statistically are expected to win, but the crowds boo them and demand they lose. How could that work? Well: 1) Don't make the underdog team out to be...
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    The next Xbox: Always online, no second-hand games, 50GB Blu-ray discs and new Kinect

    And that is one too many. Unless a game mechanics revolve around online multiplayer, as in an MMO, then there is zero reason to force an internet connection to play, even if it is just once. Steam is DRM, period. That to me is unacceptable. If the Xbox 720 does this, then I won't be buying...
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    "Gamer Entitlement": Current state of gaming journalism and industry

    And this is the reason, I believe, why Yahtzee and Moviebob could not stand by the Retake Mass Effect movement. Was the movement right? That's irrelevant. They were opening a can of worms, or perhaps a Pandora's box with their actions. I'm a bit of a prospective writer, and stuff like...
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    David Jaffe Lashes Out at CNN Anchor

    Response to part in bold: No, just no. It starts with a "little restriction," then it grows and grows till it becomes, "1st amendment? What's that?" and "Bill of Rights? You don't need that." That's an actual balanced and respectful discussion on violent video games... from Fox News...
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    The enemies you dreaded most

    Well people have mentioned the eagles and bats from the NES Ninja Gaiden games, so I'll mention one from the more recent Ninja Gaiden games. The Ghost Piranha from Ninja Gaiden (Xbox). One fish, two fish, three fish, four fish, five fish, six, seven, eight, nine, and now you're dead...
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    One sided and generic arguments that piss you off.

    Well, I find the following argument extremely irritating, and super ineffective. "You're missing the point!" Alternative: "Thanks for not understanding!" Alternative alternative: "You don't understand!" These are usually followed by nothing, zero, zilch, empty space. We saw a lot of...