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    How do you argue that you're not homophobic/racist/etc?

    I don't. If you're truly free of bigotry, you don't need to waste your time with attention seeking brats masquerading as social justice warriors. The world is flooded with people, when you run into one of these ingenuine assholes you take that opportunity to weed another loser with a fake...
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    Gamers Ship 400 Cupcakes to BioWare in Protest of Mass Effect 3

    This is beautiful. Don't just be mad at the games rushed ending, do something goofy about it.
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    Poll: If the 3 endings of ME3 are the only ones we're going to get, which will be your final choice??

    Control. I would have gone with destroy but since we're dealing with a magic genie and not a piece of tech I can't just destroy the reapers without murdering an entire race of sentient beings who've only defended themselves.
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    Best Dragon in Gaming

    Kerafyrm From Everquest. The forbidden child of a Red and White dragon, when awakened he rampaged through every zone in velious tearing the player base a new asshole. A mob that crossed zone lines, we are all screwed now.
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    Poll: ATI vs. Nvidia for a serious gaming machine.

    ATI 99% of the time will give you more powerful hardware for your money. I'm a big fan of XFX ATI cards. However, nvidia is often the "official" graphics card of new games. This translates to software getting deved on nvidia's shaders/architecture, but then made to work on ati's. Launch day...
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    So how bad are Mass Effect 1's driving segments?

    Your discussing tactics, and yes superior tactics will win you the day in the vehicle segments. However even though I was not "bad at it" the mako was annoying as hell. The controls were flat out buggy, at times it would get muddled as to how to re-orient the mako. Not much of an issue on the...
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    Boycott speacial K!!

    Ya know what I hate, people who watch free content on the internet and gripe about ads. Someone has to pay to keep the servers up, so instead of complaining, next time you see a women buying special K in the supermarket, thank her for supporting your entertainment choices.
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    Why Are People Ignorant About Autotune

    I'm seeing a lot of hateful words strewn about, referring to "ignorant idiots" not being robustly educated in the music industry. Such a mean spirited insult implies you have found something objectively wrong with a person. If your interest in music has sparked the curiosity to educate yourself...
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    If Nintendo went under tomorrow, who should buy their assets?

    Agree, on topic, sega is the only company qualified to run nintendo's characters into the ground, just look at their resume
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    Poll: If God had a nationality, what would it be?

    why would an omnipresent being that created the universe be ascribed a nationality, damn that's some trolltastic flamebaite.
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    Notch Is Ready For a Fight

    I e-mailed Bethesda(yeah I know big deal). A copy of what I wrote is below. I'm personally done tolerating this litigation over the use of common nouns nonsense that's been cropping up lately. If Bethesda can demonstrate a greater justification for this action fine. In the meantime I ask that...
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    UK Xbox Magazine Teases Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    Blizzard Surprised by Reaction to Online-Only Diablo 3

    Sigh this is as bad as politicians now, get out there and hold a position so ridiculous that everyone knows it's bull and keep a straight face. It would have been better had they simply said "this is the most effective means of anti-piracy we could come up with, we know it's become a taboo but...
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    Escape to the Movies: Captain America

    He speaks the truth the movie was awesome. It's dripping in good work and I'm now convinced if marvel can't pull off an avengers movie, then no one can. On a side note I got tickets for a non 3D showing, but due to some confusion they ended up playing the 3d version in my auditorium, and passing...
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    Capcom announces "Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3"

    The versus series is the one that had not met that cliche yet but, I'll be damned if your not right. The online support was pathetic in the original release they ought to be releasing this as a free patch to their 40 dollar game that they charged 60 dollars for. That will teach me not to...