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    Petition Demands Female Jarheads in Aliens: Colonial Marines

    "My name's Randy Pitchford, and I'm freaking out!" Yes, Randy, you will be, after getting lynched for screwing up the greatest opportunity afforded to a game developer. Xenomorphs have acid blood, remember? Oh yeah, that's right, the fans had to remind you of that after that gameplay showing...
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    Anti-Gay Email Campaign Floods Electronic Arts

    This is a good read.
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    Anti-Gay Email Campaign Floods Electronic Arts

    I agree that the lack of tolerance towards all sorts of diversity in our culture is wrong. I believe lot of 'social watchdogs' have a skewed world view. I think the timing of EA making a scene on the issue isn't coincidental. EA's underhand business practices are becoming known to the...
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    STALKER 2 Cancelled?

    Yeah, Shadow Of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat kinda merge into one, as far as the story goes. One of my all time favourite games I've ever played, bought SoC in 2007, at release, and it has never stayed unplayed for more than a month. The atmosphere has got to be some of the...
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    STALKER 2 Cancelled?

    This had better be a publicity stunt. Seriously.
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    Jimquisition: Sony, Nintendo, EA and SOPA

    Jim Sterling, you magnificent bastard. It is heartening to see actual passion come across in relation to this corrupt piece of legislature. The greedy shysters should hang their head in shame. Also the name of it needs to be changed to more accurately portray what it is, personally, I...
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    Check Out This New Game of Thrones Trailer

    Sweet. Looking forward to it. Kinda looks like Carice Van Houten is starting to get a bit typecast as a witch/sorceress; watch 'Black Death' , the movie, released last year, if you haven't already; lots of typecasting in that, including the not-quite-immortal Sean Bean. That said, Game Of...
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    I'd like to know my fellow escapists better

    Age: 29 Nationality: New Zealander Race: Kiwi mongrel, mostly Caucasian Height: 6'0" (1.83m) Weight: 163 lbs (74 kg) Amateur indie try-hard not-quite-there-but-not-giving-up game developer, that probably wouldn't fit the nerd archetype.
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    You are the last human on Earth. What now?

    Find TV, diesel generator, and DVD or VCR, sit down, roll a smoke or three, and start watching this: Then think about surviving.
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    What is your favorite signature weapon?

    F.E.A.R.'s H.V. Penetrator, nailing cloned supersoldiers to walls in slow motion is something worth experiencing.
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    The most obscure game you own.

    Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri. Own it, never got it to work, played it for a couple hours on a friend's PC. Plays like the original System Shock if it was an action game centred around tactical power armour squads.
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    Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Turns Up the Heat

    Seconded. Wonder how much of what's shown is on rails or quicktimed? At least they kind of almost kept the soundtrack. Wow, the FPS market is pretty oversaturated right now, isn't it? I would have thought a Squad Based Realtime Action Strategy game would sell really well in this current...
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    Do You consider yourself a recognized forum member?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... no. Probably need to post more, most people seem to treat the post count as some sort of relevance meter. I don't always post, but when I do... That said, it's hard recognising other people, tend to pay more attention to the post than the poster.
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    Scariest sounds in games

    Ninja'd early on the Cyborg Midwife, so the next three: (0:24 onwards) (6:04 - 6:30)
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    How many "retro-gamers" are here?

    Yeah, I suppose that tag would fit me, I spend more time playing DOSBoxed games than newer titles, and am genuinely disappointed with the lack of challenge in modern games and the recent spate of cynical cash grabs on my favourite titles' reputation. Big fan of older styled RPGs...