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    Experience the Founding of Westeros in Game of Thrones: Genesis

    So it took Martin nearly six years to release the last novel in the series, but he's got plenty of time to write for a video game...
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    Jimquisition: The Beautiful Irony of PC Gaming

    I've always stuck to pc gaming for two reasons really... 1 - I'm always going to own a pc anyways, so for a little bit more, I can make it quite friendly to games. 2 - I prefer mouse and keyboard over any other control system. So I haven't seen the need to own a console that just...
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    Square Enix Responds to "Racist" Deus Ex Character

    If you listen to the clip you'll notice that her accent is much less pronounced in the middle of the dialogue than at the beginning and very end. To me this comes across as someone who is intentionally magnifying their accent to have a little fun with the person they are speaking with. The...
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    Best RPG Ever Available for Free Download

    TOS when you go to install the game says you agree to have Origin installed... no thanks.
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    Feed Dump: The Prostitute Permit and Other Tales

    I love that the entire 'viking' segment was simply stating that they now have 2 hats... You can't go wrong with vikings.
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    New Star Trek Series Pitch Approaches Warp Speed

    I liked everything I read in this article, until the quote of "highly-energized with a much younger cast..." Jeesh, what is he thinking of? Gossip Girl in space?? If they get any younger than the latest movie reboot, they'll need chaperones.
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    Jimquisition: BOYCOTT!

    This may be, perhaps, the best column he's done on the Escapist. And I gotta say, not only was the subject matter interesting, thought out, and presented well - but I really liked not having to wade through the typical beginning and outro.
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    Escape to the Movies: Final Destination 5

    Wait... What?! Before this review started, I'd have bet my next paycheck that we were going to be treated to yet another version of the Expendables/Scott Pilgrim rant that Hollywood wastes it's time producing dreck, and the the movie going public are inbred morons for going to watch it. And...
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    Feed Dump: Magnet Boy & Fat Baby

    Oh Garzweiler... that poor vuvuzela. You've wronged it so. Great episode!!
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    Terraria Review

    Well, I basically gave up on the game after they made this change. Before, I'd face an imp every few minutes - now, it's constant.
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    Terraria Review

    What? The last patch was June 23rd, and that patch more than trebled the rate that fire imps spawn for me. In fact, it became impossible to mine at all where they can spawn as there is at least one, if not two, imps attacking me constantly.
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    Honesty is the Best Poly-cy (Except When It Isn?t)

    I used to enjoy both Doraleous & Associates, and A Good Knights Quest. Both were much better productions, both content & concept, that any of the new stuff this week.
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    Honesty is the Best Poly-cy (Except When It Isn?t)

    One day after the two totally forgettable new videos by Firefilm (Drinking Games and No Right Answer), we wind up with this. Has June gotten an April Fools week that we weren't informed of?? Because frankly, none of the new series I've seen this week will be worth a second look.
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    E3 Excitement Photos

    Iki, or someone, might want to look up the definition of 'one'. Seemed to be as many one-word responses/photos as not.
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    Commentary on ?Baelor?

    I read the first three before I gave up due to the publishing delays... But I'm wondering the same thing - if I should give them another chance. Book 5 is coming out soon; and it's probably a safe bet that HBO wouldn't take on the series without some sort of guarantee that GRRM will get of his...