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    The never-ending story thread! (Creative!)

    then the main character woke up and realized it had all just been a dream then he woke up again and realized that his previous revelation had just been a dream then his son came home from school and asked for help with his math homework also a wizard put a mega shield over the the whole...
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    Has anyone here played any of the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series?

    yeah right, im gonna go to read that and ur gonna pop out and be like "DUMBASS I TRICKED YOU" youre really a mean spirited person why would you even think of something like that
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    King of the hill

    this is the CIA, there is no hill and there never was, it s in your best interest to play another game yep, just move along, nothing to see here, just this hole...
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    Why all the hate for X-men Destiny?

    because its black
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    Favorite quotes/moments from Firefly/Serenity

    i like the moment when they got cancelled
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    Just got bastion... Now i need some help

    you werent supposed to dig the xbox out, thats why youre having this problem you could try coming up with your own descriptions get creative!
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    Has anyone here played any of the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series?

    im pretty sure no one ever has i think you made them up
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    Reading on the toilet

    no but i do like to shit at the library
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    Steam: Download while playing?

    you have to blow into the cartridge
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    My job vs my conscience

    oops i accidentally must have clicked on the post about why selling out is ok
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    Should I buy it?

    it depends how important money is
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    Please help me find good casual games.

    you could just have sex with your girlfriend instead i like to play street fighter 4, they say its very casual friendly
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    TV shows with average of 13 episodes a season

    theyre just fuckin with you, if you ever actually stopped to count them by hand youd see that most are actually an even ten, one for each month except Chanukah and labor day weekend they just trick you with crafty numbering and the use of algorithms also some shows film a few episodes...
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    Can anyone give me some advice on how to upgrade my PC?

    it depends mostly on whether or not youve got enough ram see ram is the electricity that the games use to activate the hd graphics if you want to play standard definition games, then youll only need a couple of roms youll need a couple of backup floppy drives because they get melted...