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    You have become the main character in the last game that you played.

    I'm a space janitor. Wonderful.
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    Poll: Is it safe for me to even have "getting out of the military" as an option anymore?

    Do they have an Officer's College or the equivalent in the states? You get paid to study, and can become a commissioned officer afterwards.
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    Unusual things that help you wake up in the morning.

    5:25am every day for the last 2 weeks: My kitten sticks his nose in my ear and snuffles as loudly as he can. After that it's finger/toe/whatever he can find biting until i get out of bed and feed him. ...I kinda miss the harsh bleeping of the alarm clock now.
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    What are you afraid of?

    Clowns. Goddamned clowns. Those horrible SoBs scare the absolute begeesus out of me, even at 35. ... also midgets. Proper midgets, not dwarves. Ya know, big head, tiny body. I don't know why they disturb me so much, but they do.
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    Poll: The Great Mythrandia

    I had to take a week off from internet usage after reading getting brainmashed by that post. ---------- Furburt was also an.. interesting.. fellow. The others mentioned I'm not familiar with. I vaguely remember a rather heated thread from way back in 2008/9 involving labyrinth...
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    Poll: Do You Date?

    Yeah, I used to. I've been on dinner dates, movie dates, hell I even went on a scuba diving date once. Now that I'm a divorcee though, I have very little to do with women, and dating is certainly not a thing I'm interested in any more.
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    What's your favorite food? Bonus points if you're the only one who likes it.

    thin slices of pickled onions, radish & kabana on cheese crackers with gherkin dip. hmmm... now I'm hungry and payday is still 2 days away. damnit.
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    entitled gamers? a good example going on right now

    Meh, I'd be fine with Blizz releasing the CE pets/vanity items that I've gotten with various boxed eds to the general populace. I'd like to see more mini diablos and zerg running around.
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    UK and Australian retail stores reduce Nintendo Stock.

    Dick Smith isn't even a retailer any more. It was doing so badly it got sold for a pittance by its previous owner, and is now being converted to be the electronics section of another major retailer (myer).
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    a question for smokers...

    And how would one explain that to the boss? "I'm just going to nip out the back for a quick wank"? As someone who's smoked since early teens (early 90s, back when it was still cool), I can say that I still smoke for 3 main reasons: 1) I enjoy it. 2) After the latest batch of arsebandit...
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    Desensitized to Pandering: A Response to the Response of my Response to recent Kill La Kill concepts

    Uhm, one thing I've not seen you mention yet, OP: Maturity. I'd have thought that not giggling, dribbling or going generally ga-ga over the sight of a slightly naked person was just a sign of a bit maturity, that you were on your way to being an actual grown-up adult.
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    EB Games Australia Store Set Up Fake Drugs at GTA V Launch

    This is Queensland. It's so fecking hot & muggy here that it slows your brain and dulls your thinking capabilities, making ideas like this seem good. That said, this is Queensland, and we are still bogan state for the most part where things like this are considered hilarious. I'm guessing the...
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    Bizarre secondhand shop finds

    I found a still sealed Cult Classics "S-Mart Ash" NECA figure in a lifeline shop last week, and a couple of G1 transformers in a st. vinnies a few months ago.
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    As someone who's gone from single to dating to married to divorced and single again, I've gotta say that single life is the best life. Not the most fulfilling, perhaps, but the best. I've been single for 6 years now, and I've got no interest whatsoever in hooking up again. I get far more...
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    Explain Your Username

    I've used Jaythulhu since 1985 when I was playing muds on a local bbs (though way back in those days I had to spell it Jaythulu, cos you could only have 8 letters/numbers max). My name's Jay and I was (and still am) a huge Lovecraft fan. I wish there was something deeper to it, but hell, I was 7.