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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    It's been a long time since I've posted on the Escapist, but I love the Jimquisition and it feels like Jim did not try hard enough searching for a modern female protagonist. The first one that comes to mind has already been referenced a number of times in this thread. Amaterasu is a great female...
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    The Great Debate

    Anyone that claims that youtube comments have no worth has never seen PBSIdea Channel, and is a significantly lesser person for it. Discussion can be good, and if Anita provided a link in the description of her videos to a forum where she could host the debate, that would solve the entire...
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

    That ending makes me want to avoid anything by Jovenshire. Seriously, everything after FF8 was bad? FF9 was the game that showed Square had learned what pieces in each of their games were the best and combined that with a genuinely likable lead. It was easily the best Final Fantasy to date...
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    You're all too depressing...seriously

    I've been here for a long time and, for a while, I felt the same way that jaded escapist did. However, a year ago or so I realized that, while it may be true that there was a slight shift in forum topic focus, the forums themselves haven't changed much. There are a few less assholes, which is...
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    Your White House Petition is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

    I'm not certain this is a problem with gamers as much as it is a problem with "We the People" petition system. It would seem there is no moderator or reviewer. The fact that "We should totally build a deathstar" got so many online signatures that it required a response is a perfect example of...
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    Sony Patents a Way to Sabotage Used Game Market

    I must be the only one that thinks it is possible that they could use this technology in conjunction with online passes and leave it at that. It would be a good system to prevent the first time buyer from having any undo work when wanting to play online, while allowing Sony to still rake in...
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    The Big Picture: Worst Movies of 2012

    2 and 3 reminds me of why I hate watching escape to the movies, but love watching the big picture. I like it when you expose your deep knowledge of niche things, but you talking about movies usually turns out terrible.
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    The War Z

    Ah, I'll chock it all up to taste then. Yours isn't in line with Critical Miss. Now the question is why you are bothering with it if it isn't in like with your tastes?
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    Damn, that's crazy. That is the nature of an internet forum, though. Remember, this is a land where mods rule and they are a little quick on the banhammer. I blame march mayhem for the mod's trigger finger, because reasons.
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    My jokes clearly don't work for you. Fair enough. Then I'll say that the important thing that was pertinent to the topic was Switzerland's gun laws and military programs, not whether they are in the EU. Your added, completely unnecessary, correction was a side note to the issue. It's like saying...
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    The War Z

    Not able to point out that there was, in fact, a joke in this comic? Albeit, a simple one where they just say that the target of ridicule is so stupid he ridicules himself. How sad.
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    My bad. I really should remember all of the European countries. After all, they are all significant and important. Let me go back to my recitations to remember things that don't honestly concern me. Slovenia's capital is Ljubljana, it's currency is the Euro,...etc As someone who has lived in...
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    Not to dismiss you, but this solution comes from Switzerland. One of the only EU countries with similar gun laws (aka, loose laws), yet the one major difference is everyone is required to serve in the military. Switzerland has ridiculously low gun crime and they attribute that to receiving...
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    I was taking more of the Switzerland route. Everyone gets trained, is aware of how to use guns, how to store them safely, etc. However, imagine that the man comes back home and snaps. Everyone around him has gone through military grade defense training. How much damage do you think the snapped...
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    2 years mandatory military service. Those who have served keep a militia firearm after they leave. I guarantee you will see a drop in violent crime rates.