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    Is the escapist going bankrupt?

    The community here is awful, full of socially awkard teenagers asking stupid questions. A year or two ago it was great, but its really gone down hill.
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    Bethesda Sometimes Doesn't Fix Entertaining Bugs

    "And we wont fix any other bugs either, thats what the modding community is there for" Bethesda has always been horrible for patches.
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    "You filthy slob! What the hell is that stain?!" Show off your desks!

    Pack of Pall Mall, good smokes. My desk is currently covered in beer cans.
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    Trailers: Hitman: Absolution Teaser

    Fuck everything about cover based mechanics, its fine in small doses but now its everywhere and in places it shouldn't be.
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    Oslo Murders Lead to Calls For Game Bans in Australia

    A Christian lobby? We could easily point fingers at the fact he was a hardcore christian who belived god wanted him to carry out such acts.
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    Activision Mad About Modern Warfare 3 Site, Trying to Get it Taken Down

    I am amazed Activision hasn't already registered this domain. Even if they had no intention of making a Modern Warfare 3 its common practice to snap up similar sounding domains. I can see them getting their way and wont hate them for it, the owners are pushing their luck a bit.
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    Have you ever "got" the girl/guy?

    You have to remeber most of the Escapists userbase are massive nerds
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    God damn, Escapist. I fucked up. I fucked up real bad.

    They went away for a week and you still had them find everything? Man this is practice for the next time... seriously letting her find the weed and beer cans
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    No 'Him' or 'Her' in Preschool. Wait, what?

    Fucking hell, cant we just leave kids to it when it comes to growing up?
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    Shady Article Talks About Romance In Skyrim

    Lets just hope the game isn't popualated by the uncanny valley then
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    Microsoft Details Age Of Empires Online Pricing Scheme

    OR for £20 you can buy age of empires 3 or even 2 and its expansions and have a quality title
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    Extra Punctuation: Building Sequels Badly

    The only Sequel I can think that is better than the orginal is Max Payne 2.
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    Portal 2 "Probably" Valve's Single-Player Swan Song

    Left 4 dead?
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    Pachter: Ex-IW Heads Have "No Prayer" of Recapturing Modern Warfare

    Oh I agree with you there, we may ***** and moan about boring games with no creativitiy and boring brown samey cover based shooters. Yet they all sell like cheap cystal meth , so why would the publishers care?
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    Pachter: Ex-IW Heads Have "No Prayer" of Recapturing Modern Warfare

    Which sold incredibly well and won a slew of awards, so yeah, awful move on their part.