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    Dark Souls 2 - FS new patch is burning witches

    Sorceries were real popular around launch (PS3 specifically I noticed this) but lost it's popularity real fast in favor of pyromancies.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Purge: Anarchy - Original Idea Done Better

    I'm excited. Purge 2 is pretty much exactly what I wanted Purge 1 to be. Albeit with a little tweaking. For example, the multiple 'main character' thing is something I really wanted. I would have like have one character/group of "good guys" who are just regular people who have gotten caught...
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    Movie Defense Force: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Better Than Broody Gritty Wah Wah

    It's a dumb fun superhero movie. I enjoyed the Nolan Batman movies, but I don't want every superhero movie to be a gritty, serious story. Sometimes I just want a dude to go around, kicking crime's bum & throwing one liners out like they're going out of fashion. In that regard it gets a pass from...
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    Shows/Movies/Games that you just couldn't get into

    There is a story arc in the second season that is pretty much all about exchange rates. I surprisingly enjoyed the economics side of the series. I thought that it would be the most boring thing ever...
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    Challenge accepted

    They were really pretty, I guess. The race scene in FF13 is easily one of my favourite cutscenes ever.
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaked, Releases November 4 - Update

    Now this looks interesting, to say the least. Kevin might make the single-player worth playing.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Requires 50GB HD Space, Core i7 CPU - Update

    Four disks!? I'm assuming nobody has gotten their hands on it yet to give a rough estimate on play time, right? Because when I hear "ship on four disks", I immediately think of 100+ hour JRPGs from the PS1.
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    Is The Bioshock Movie Part of Sony's Games-To-Films Slate?

    Awesome. I hope they take the story from the Rapture book. Getting to see Andrew Ryan put the pieces in place and start building Rapture would be great. I just hope this one actually happens.
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    Your Dream Escapist Show

    Anime reviews/coverage very much inspired by people like Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell. So basically Zero Punctuation but for anime.
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    PlayStation Plus Subscribers Triple In Volume Since PS4 Launch

    You also get people moaning that other regions are getting better free games than they are every month. If it were the same games for all regions, then we would be able to have better discussions about older games that were on offer because everybody has had a chance to play through them...
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    Rumor: Halo 2 Anniversary, Crackdown 3 & Future Xbox One Content Leaked

    Wait, they are going to exclude Halo 3 & 4 ports to the "war edition"? That's a little disappointing. I would love a resurgence of Halo 3 multiplayer. If they released it as a stand-alone game so that everybody could play it without having to fork out tons of cash, I would probably actually...
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    Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Anime Gets 2nd Season

    A poster at the Free! [!] special talk event on Sunday revealed that production on a second season of the Free! anime has been green-lit. The first season ended with a "see you next summer" message in the final episode. The story of Kyoto Animation's...
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    Sony Online Entertainment Shuttering Four MMOs in 2014

    Wizardy could have been good. From what I remember they basically tried to make a Dark Souls MMO. It's biggest problem being the fact that it was an MMO. When I played it I was doing fairly well. I hadn't died yet and was having fun. I noticed a trap on the ground so I moved around to avoid it...
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    Kojima Reveals Figurine Prototype of Metal Gear Solid V's Quiet

    The reason for her design, and this just a guess based on what is saw in trailers, is because her skin is active camouflage. Much like Snake's OctoCamo.
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    Does anyone still like Naruto?

    My older brother quite likes it so I gave it a try to have something to discuss with him, and it's bad. It's not as bad as people make it out to be that is. The characters are horribly written at times (Fuck you Naruto and your "Believe it!" bullshit) and there is a ridiculous amounts of filler...