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    Jennifer Hepler leaves Bioware due to threats by fans

    This shit? This is exactly why we can't have nice things. The gaming community rises up whenever the Jack Thompson's of the world claim that gamers are all violent masochistic pedophiles, and yet people still go out and decide that the only way we can air our grievances is to threaten writers...
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    Update: Richard Garriott: "Most Game Designers Really Just Suck"

    Did our good friend Richard Garriot forget about Tabula Rasa, a game so poorly designed and boring that it makes Desert Bus seem action packed?
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    Controversial God of War: Ascension Trophy To Be Renamed

    No one in their right mind should care about the title of a PS3 achievement. It is not horrendously obscene, it is a slang term. When people go out and claim that this is "Feminism," they cheapen every strive forward in gender equality. Complaining about an achievement in a video game and...
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    The Narcissism Test

    I got a 22.... yeah sounds about right, I'm truly truly truly outrageous.
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    Bullying: Stop the complaining.

    Sorry for double post, but this. Just this. As I mentioned before, a lot of the time victims of bullying are MENTALLY HANDICAPPED. Want to tell me that the kid with autism who doesn't even harm anyone deserves to be shit on every day? Sorry mate, but I'm not gonna sit there and let someone...
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    Bullying: Stop the complaining.

    My older brother was bullied mercilessly during his sophmore year of high school. Being 5'5 and 130 pounds, him trying to kick the 6'2 wrestler's ass was kind of out of the question. He didn't want to tell the teacher because that was the "childish" thing to do, but after they kicked the shit...
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    What is your GOTY so far?

    Dishonored takes the cake in Gameplay, Mass Effect 3 in story.
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    Bizarrely Easy Boss Fights

    Alduin in Skyrim. Once you pop off a marked for death, it takes like 3 arrows.
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    Blizzard Admits Diablo III End-Game Failure

    This is not that surprising from a company that's releasing an expansion to their game based on a joke from WC3
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    The Felicia Day/Destructoid situation

    Actually he's in hot water because he's a massive imbecile who decided to attack a fairly popular actress in a public forum and now he's BAAAAWWWing because, surprisingly, when you insult people, there is blowback.
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    Evolution is real. Its a real thing that really does happen and did happen. Gah!

    I understand if some people want to claim that evolution is a guided effort by a divine force, but I feel that outright denying it is beyond ignorant. Mankind has documented evidence of creatures with the highest potential fitness surviving to procreate, while those without the traits to make...
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    I consider Rape, along with the murder of Children, both actions that shouldn't be used in a game yet. As Jim stated, Rape leaves the victim with no means of self defense, as does attacking a child. However, I think games should be able to include both. Not necessarily as an action that your...
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    Cigarettes should be illegal.

    Cannabis is a completely different animal than cigarettes. Cigarettes tend to be for those who want to relax and reach a zen state, but without any mental disfunction. Cannabis is more towards the point of experiencing life through a mentally disfunctional state. Both should be legal, as it...
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    Ain't no homo gonna make it to heaven

    Not sure if it has been mentioned, but Im fairly certain that's WBC. The background and the adult male up on that stage are strikingly similar to the church shown in the BBC documentary on them and one of the member's interviewed.
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    What 3 games have you played the longest?

    1.WoW 2.Pokemon 3.Halo 3 Yes, I know what you're thinking, but to be honest, these games were the shit to me growing up. I played them each at a time when I was in their exact target demographic