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    Poll: Pokémon X Team Help...Again

    I say box the goat. Its not offering you any advantages that you wouldn't have with the rest of your team.
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    Poll: How amazing was blitzball.

    It wasn't the worst mini game I've ever played in a video game, but it's far from the best.
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    Ethics of Pokémon.

    While playing the game, have you noticed that none of the pokemon you catch are level 1? That means they have some combat experience. The further you get into the game, the higher level the pokemon you see in the wild. What it all amounts to, is that pokemon really, REALLY like to fight. Whether...
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    Have you Played Rune Factory 4?

    If you enjoyed RF3, yes you will enjoy RF4. Its very similar, though the "tutorial" drags on a bit too long.
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    The Ethics Of Pokemon Evolution....

    Okay, think about this. When you catch a wild pokemon, what level is it? Its not level 1, that's for sure. Meaning that it has had previous combat experience. In fact, the further in your journey you go, the higher the level the pokemon are, meaning more combat experience. Pokemon love to...
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    Yet Another Pokemon X and Y thread!

    Well, some more than others. For instance, gold and silver had Kanto you could go explore, and black and white 2 had like half the map you could go run around in afterwards. I suppose its not hugely important in that pokemon has a fair amount of replay value, but some things mean more to some...
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    The Ethics Of Pokemon Evolution....

    That is a world where pokemon happily blow themselves up on the whims of their trainer. I don't think our ideas of ethics really apply there.
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    Yet Another Pokemon X and Y thread!

    Pokemon X (and I assume Y as well, but I only have X) might just be my new favorite generation of pokemon. All three sarters look decent, the graphics received a massive upgrade, and it would be a crime not to mention how much easier it is to train EVs with super training. Over all, it may be...
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    Pokemon: Really running out of ideas

    Well in that case, they ran out of ideas on the original 150. Grimer is an animate pile of sludge, and koffing is a floating tumor. Oddish is just a vegtable, so original in fact, they had to make a pumpkin pokemon in the newest generation. In the 7th gen, I fully expect to see a corn pokemon...
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    Pokémon X Team Help

    Well, you can get a mienfoo on the route right before the town you get the fossil pokemon. Once those things evolve they are a very solid fighting type. There are also eevees on route 10. Oh, and once you get a good rod, you can fish up a clauncher. That little guy has some serious potential.
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    Poll: Do you think the xbox one will succeed?

    It will probably do merely "okay" simply because of some people's loyalty to the console. I, however, do not see it becoming a roaring success. The damn console looks to be a $500 remote control with the ability to play games.
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    Poll: Attention RPG Fans! Do You Favor Gameplay Or Story?

    Yeah, having both is quite important. If a game just bores you to death with dull gameplay, no amount of story is worth trudging through it. And on the flip side, good gameplay is nice, and maybe even slightly more important (you have to actually go through the game to see the story afterall)...
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    What is the best "Elder scrolls" game out of "Morrowind" "Oblivion" and "Skyrim"

    If you want a good story and/or setting, Morrowind is by FAR the best. If you want decent game play, then Skyrim all the way. Unless you count spell making as game play, then you're just kinda S.O.L.
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    Poll: Should Link be female in the next Lengend Of Zelda

    Well you could turn link female, but you'd only be doing it because you can. It wouldn't confer some deep meaning or significance in the grand scheme however. You'd simply be doing it for attention.
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    Why do we obsess over Slender Man so much?

    Slender man is scary for two simple reasons: you can't fight him, and you can't outrun him. Once he sets his sights on you, you're his. He'll toy with you like a cat does to a caught mouse. He's a fictional enemy who you CAN NOT BEAT, but you watch as many struggle in vain to shake this...