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    The slut issue

    So I have a question... We call someone a liar if they lie, especially if they lie a lot. We call someone a cheater if they cheat, especially if they cheat a lot (Whether we speak from a videogame sense or a marriage-breaking stance) We call someone a gamer if they play a lot of...
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    Treyarch: Black Ops II Doesn't Need a New Engine

    *ahem* You tear down the foundation, or at least FIX it when the foundation is an ancient piece of shit that can't support the weight of the house going on top of it. Why isn't the same true for your laggy, outdated, POS that you call a game engine might I ask?
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    Inept Smuggler Hides Cocaine in Xbox 360

    Is it bad that I find it more wrong that we might put this guy away for drug charges, for longer than we would someone for beating a child or Raping another being?
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    Free Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Coming Next Week

    I see what you did there >.> Trying to pull the people who left you back in with free stuff? Well it might just work... When you've changed those endings!
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    BioWare Announces Post-Ending DLC for Mass Effect 3 [Updated!]

    Will I play it? Most likely yes. Will I like it? Doubt it. If they add a little more closure though, than perhaps I can stop buying Bioware games without having hate towards the company. To clarify: I promised myself I wouldn't buy another EA game. My only exception to this rule was...
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    Sliding Game Sales Hammer Best Buy

    Umm, I done think they're losing profit because of digital distribution... have you BEEN in a bestbuy? They load malware/bloatware into everything, argue with their few tech savvy customers over everything, and are very rude/snide to the few customers whom aren't tech savvy. Digital...
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    LulzSec Leader Outed As FBI Rat

    I feel bad for this guy... he's going to have Luzsec*, Annon, AND the corporations after him when this is over (assuming the FBI don't throw him in the slammer afterwards anyways...)
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    J.K. Rowling Signs Publishing Contract for New, Adult-Targeted Book

    Finally, less pottergasms perhaps? Unfortunately, while I know what you mean by Adult, the term "Pornography" comes to mind every time I hear it... XD
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    Sony's G.I.R.L. Game Design Scholarship Offers $10,000

    I have very mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I can see that they are trying to get more girls into the industry. On the other hand I can see this being like other female scholarships, or even racially based scholarships in which no one is going to take advantage of it that wasn't...
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    Bethesda: Skyrim DLCs "Closer to Expansion Packs"

    I'm waiting for Sony to by hypocrites and say that they won't allow Skyrim updates or some such on the PS3 because Xbox got DLC first... lol
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    So I went to KFC.... (gross topic ahead)

    If you aren't used to deep fried foods, don't eat them. Your body -will- reject them if you aren't used to it
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    George Lucas Says Greedo Always Shot First

    Mmhmm... dear Lucas, FUCK YOU! Stop trying to make starwars child friendly. From the fanbase ... didn't he promise to leave starwars alone???
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    Poll: Have I done the right thing?

    Exactly, couldn't of said it better. You aren't a guru, you're her friend, and if she only wants to talk about herself, she ain't worth it.
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    Poll: It is Time to Fix Game Prices

    It should be decided upon by the companies at what price a game should be sold at. While demand dictates that VGs are too expensive, its the companies who keep the price at 60$.
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    Well, obviously checking in with a doctor wouldn't hurt, but I suppose I could give some advice: First off, 3-4 hours of sleep is perfectly healthy. Don't listen to that shit on "you need X hours of sleep every night." Every body is different, and sleeping habits fall in a bell curve, some...