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    Health regen VS health pack pickup

    Halo: Reach did it, as did Halo: Combat Evolved, and Borderlands 2. your SHIELD regens, while you have healthpacks to regen your actual HP. I actually prefer the setup because it makes the player more conscious of his HP, while making the entire level playable if you have 1 HP and no...
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    Am i allergic to something at my friend's place?

    nope, i know i'm not allergic to Pollen though. well, only very slightly... my dad and brother have really bad pollen allergies, and to feel ANYTHING from pollen, those with actual pollen allergies basically have to be (literally) dying i actually did not think of that... i like to sleep...
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    Am i allergic to something at my friend's place?

    so i've visited my friend twice now, he lives up in the San Carlos CA hills, and i live in Redwood City, so we're not terribly far from each other. i like to hang out with him whenever i can, especially since he's moving soon. but EVERY time i go to his place and sleep, i wake up with a sore...
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    Dark Souls: What do you do while waiting for summons?

    i play on PS3 myself, but i swap over to my laptop while i wait and read webcomics, watch youtube, check escapist... generally catch-up on all the things i'm gonna do once i finish playing
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    What game do you want to see on the Wii U?

    Pokemon Super Smash Bros Starfox Pokemon they always make at least ONE spin-off game onto their consoles, but i'd like to see how they incorporate the gamepad into a pokemon game... likely have it be like a little pokedex you can look at to see pokemon stats and such... cool, but...
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    3 player co-op

    it's not exactly co-op... but Dragon's Dogma lets you use the Main Pawns of 2 other people... so if you play it, and so do 2 of your friends on the same console, then you can play with their pawns, which gives bonuses too...
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    Are There Any Pokemon That you Frequently Use, Even Though They're Horrible?

    Absol and Glaceon are both fairly underused (though if you look at it, actually have some DAMN good stats) and i almost ALWAYS have them in my party... also Samurott, Lucario, Blaziken, and Jolteon
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    Poll: Let's settle something right now, can you defend yourself with a gun?

    i'm gonna go right out and say this, but a Firearm (Guns are either your "junk", or artillery) is an OFFENSIVE weapon. a sword, if you will. while you can feign defense with a weapon, you cannot inherently defend something with a weapon. it is built and designed for attack, not defense. this...
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    Dark Souls easier than Demon's Souls?

    i'm actually quite surprised at the lack of flame here... i kinda anticipated at least a few posts like that, but so far everyone's been civilized and just relating their own experiences... i feel so proud ^^ i saw several posters talk about how the second game you play will be the easier one...
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    Dark Souls easier than Demon's Souls?

    so i'm playing the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls after beating it about 2 or 3 years ago, and i'm not terribly far, i just beat the undead Burg area and all. but so far, it is quite noticeably easier than its predecessor... it took me months to get past teh first area, and at least...
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    Let me know your reaction if SEGA did this!?

    they have... at least partially... it's called Phantasy Star Online 2... it's actually out in Japan and let me tell you, it is bloody AMAZING. it WILL be localized to the US at some point, but this game is amazingly good. i've been playing it nearly nonstop for the last few days since i...
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    You are Immortal.

    i would buy lots of guns, swords and other weaponry, and then take employ as a mercenary. once i've amassed a fortune, i'd likely start taking over countries in order to stop a bunch of bullshit and lead the human race down a better path. like not screwing up the planet. during all this time i'd...
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    Jimquisition: Desensitized to Violence

    you have a very good point sir, and i believe that's a point that Jim was trying to get accross in his video. however i personally never watched any 9/11 footage because A) i don't watch, not trust, the news, and B) i didn't have access to a TV back then.
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    Jimquisition: Desensitized to Violence

    i actually do wanna know why. when he pulled out the gun everyone freaked, but it looked like he was gonna try and demonstrate a point but never got around to it. i would like some context. OT though, i actually wasn't disturbed at all on the footage. he pulled the gun, people freaked, he...
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    Which fan-pairings do you hate, and why?

    yeah i kinda realized that as i was writing it... but honestly, if you look at the support conversation script Ike's support with Lethe (they interact outside of supports too) in PoR at the A level is MUCH more suggestive of a pairing. and is set up perfectly for the classic shipping scenario...