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    Poll: Calling all metal-heads...

    Try and guess my favourite band! Hint: It starts with a T and ends with ool. Of those four I'd have to say Metallica though.
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    Dubbed verse Subbed

    This! I often find the japanese voices a bit.. Annoying.
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    Scarriest Movie You Have Ever Seen

    I thought this was a joke, since the title is.. Well.. Jesus Camp.
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    This will make you meditate whether you want it or not.
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    Relationship problems.

    Oh, I probably should have mentioned this. I HAVE talked to her about it, and she actually told me she just didn't feel like it (she has the time, she isn't really that busy).
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    Relationship problems.

    EDIT: We just broke up, nevermind this.
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    Steam coupons expiring soon. Post what you have to give away.

    -33% Valve -50% StrategyFirst -50% Machinarium PM me!
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    Counterfeit Pokemon Game Tops App Charts

    The biggest morons on this planet are those people who buy apps even though it is clearly a scam, then ***** about it in the reviews. Makes me mad as hell. PEOPLE ARE YOU BLIND?! THE APP HAS 1 FUCKING STAR. SERIOUSLY, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!
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    How did you have sex?

    The first couple of times it sorta just happened. Then we became couple after that. It all came very naturally to both of I think, since we were attracted to each other. Even though I hadn't really known her for more than a month or 2.
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    What are some of the saddest songs you can think of?

    If you don't find these sad you're dead inside: Oh, also this:
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    REALLY ANNOYING: Internet randomly disconnects, what to do?

    It all works now, after like a week. I have no idea why. Seems like complaining here worked haha :P
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    REALLY ANNOYING: Internet randomly disconnects, what to do?

    As title says, my internet disconnects randomly, and reconnects after a minute or so. I've searched all over the net, and it's pretty hard to find a solution. Sometimes it disconnects there's half an hour between each disconnect, sometimes 5 minutes. Any suggestions? Ideas? ANYTHING...
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    Video Game Name Generator Game

    Oh god.. That's hilarious! OT: Tropical Ping Pong Story - It's a japanese simulation game where you play a guy whose father is sick, and he has to play in a ping pong tournament on a tropical island for a huge cash prize, which he needs to pay for the operation. Another one, cus it's...
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    Truth or False?

    False. The person below is a huge fan of the band Tool.