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    Poll: Dubstep, how do YOU feel about it?

    These kinds of polls/questions are absolutely idiotic and need to stop. Dubstep does not need to be discussed if you don't care for it. Even less if you have no investment in EDM in general. I don't care for a classical guitarist's opinion about electronic music in general. I don't care if...
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    PAX East 2012: BioWare Claims TOR 1.2 Is the "Biggest Update Ever"

    Star Wars - but in Normandy during Operation Overlord? God dammit Bioware stop making this so fucking perfect. I guess I have to go back now.
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    Poll: (for metal fans) Your favourite sub-genre of metal?

    At the moment? Pirate metal.
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex

    That looks familiar... my computer^ Oh right
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    My Girlfriend Cheated on Me

    Personal experience: Do not be mad at her if she feels guilty about. Talk to her and work it out. I've saved my own relationships from much worse.
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    What songs make you feel depressed?

    Strobe by Deadmau5. Also imo one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard.
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    Share your results on this personality disorder test

    Personality Disorders [] -- The fuck is wrong with me?
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    Gameloft Breaks Out the Clone Machine for WoW-Like Order & Chaos

    Aren't Order and Chaos Warhammer online factions? It's more of a ripoff from that I'd say.
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    I Was Pulled Over By Cops for carrying an UMBRELLA!

    What, did you beat Rihanna with it?
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    Music writing problem

    Melodic Death Metal? That entire genre is filled with classical inspiration. Ever heard of Children of Bodom? All of their songs have some sort of classical flair to them. Listen to the guitar/keyboard solo in this song: Sounding classical isn't bad, you just have to put some of...
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    Poll: "There should be NO homework" A petition to get rid of homework in schools.

    Some people aren't insomniacs. I know people that can live on 2 hours of sleep, but others like me need at least 10 hours to feel rested. However this isn't because of homework, it's because I have to wake up at 5 in the morning.
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    Possible Half-Life Reveal

    Spoiler alert: It's not Ep3 (sadly)....
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    Computer Virus Removal Leads to Worldwide Conspiracy Scam

    I shit bricks because I've actually been to that place when I was visiting my cousin that lives nearby O.O
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    Being Asexual In A Sexual Society

    Are you a virgin? Not trying to be a prick or anything I'm just wondering if you experienced it before.