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    Origin Action Sale Brings Inquisition & Battlefield at New Low Price

    And don't forget.... if you're using Origin outside the US, you're probably getting screwed. In what reality is $23.99 the same as £23.99, and why the hell do I keep trying to support you when you pull shit like this on me?!
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    8 More Criminally Underrated Games

    How on earth did this get on here? I can't speak for the console versions, but the PC version was panned, and quite rightfully so! The voice acting is poor or worse, the animation is clunky and dated, the PC optimisation is so bad that armadillos could have done it better, and the...
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition only $30 in Origin Spring Sale

    And if Origin ever got over it's moronic assumptions that $1 == £1, I might occasionally consider actually buying something from them. But when their "50% off sale" price is the same as most other full-price AAA-titles, they can go straight to hell.
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    Can you Play Musical instruments ?

    It's been a while since I was seriously active in the music scene, but I play piano, pipe organ, trumpet and violin. I'm also a classically trained vocalist, and can get by (but am by no means an expert) on acoustic guitar, most of the recorder family and most of the classical percussion...
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    Researcher Links Violent Video Games To Moral Maturity Development

    Causation and correlation are largely irrelevant. This study is flawed at the most basic level. It has no adequate control group. It looks at one angle only and draws a correlation without validating the correlation against a control. I'd contend (as I have above) that anybody spending a...
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    Researcher Links Violent Video Games To Moral Maturity Development

    I am not a scientist, nor a statistician, nor a researcher.... but even I can see the flaw in this research (apart from the obvious sample size etc. etc.). They've got no adequate baseline comparison. Maybe it's just me, but anybody who's putting 4-5 hours a day into an isolationist-type...
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    D&D(or any other pnp game really) stories

    I guess I've just been really lucky in the groups I've gamed with then... :) You've got to have the right players and GM and (if there's intra-party aggro going on) you've all got to have a sense of humour and remember that it's a game. "Don't get mad, get even" became the watchword when we...
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    D&D(or any other pnp game really) stories

    I've got an almost endless supply of stories from my time at the table... We were playing a GURPS Fantasy campaign, and I built myself a character called Al'Haqim (pr. Al-ha-keem) - trader extraordinaire (with a few spells thrown in for good measure). In lieu of a large portion of my...
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    Mass Effect 4 Is Playable, BioWare Boss Teases On Twitter

    I'd prefer a Salarian STG-focused game that plays similar to the Splinter Cell series, personally.
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    Warhammer Online Goes Out in "One Last Big WAAAGH!"

    I think he's talking about which appears to be a completely separate project.
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    ISS Bids Farewell to Cygnus Space Freighter

    I'm hardly an expert, but I'd guess for the same reasons that the shuttle itself was a huge boondoggle - it costs so much to recover, refurbish and recommission the "reusable" craft prior to reuse that you might as well have just built a new one.
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    one game to play

    Absolutely no question - Kerbal Space Program (preferably a completed one though). Far and away the most engaging and entertaining game I've played this year.
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    Poll: You find 40 thousand dollars ?

    I'm with this dude... there's almost no good outcomes from picking the damned thing up. There is a small chance you get to keep it if you turn it over to the police. Weighed up against the LARGE chance of some suited gorilla coming knocking at your door. Pass.
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    Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Is Bored With Games

    My first thought was : How can you be bored with games?! You haven't made any. My second thought was : No, seriously... those aren't games. They're Skinner boxes in drag. My third thought was : Actually, I'm being kind of a tit, aren't I? It's no fun to hate your job, to lose enjoyment in...
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    The Red Cross Wants Games to Respect The "Rules of War"

    Interestingly enough, the America's Army series of games already includes this. The game has RoE (don't shoot friendlies, don't shoot civvies, don't blow up the mission objective or the VIP, don't shoot downed enemies for lulz - you know... that sort of thing) and actively penalises you for...