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    Feed Dump: Spaghetti Warehouse Warehouse

    Mainer here, Bowdoinham is pronounced Bow-din-ham, dont ask me why...
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    NSA can read your emails as you type them (not kidding)

    The word you need to add here is "yet" "I haven't got anything to hide, yet." It's quite simple, this system is in place currently and you don't have anything to hide, but when the laws change this will be another matter entirely. never mind that this is an invasion of privacy, and it could...
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    Poll: What movie are you most excited for this year?

    Ummm... I'm kinda excited for everything except WWZ (not a zombie fan...) and The Hobbit (not a Peter Jackson fan). So, that leaves a tough choice... (flips coin) I'm gonna say Man of Steel.
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    Poll: Former Microsoft Console buyers: Will you buy the 720?

    I've had both the original Xbox and the 360. That said, if Microsoft makes the next generation always online, I will avoid it like the plague. I just put together a desktop, so I may not get a console for a couple of years. If I do, the PS4 is looking better, pretty much every day right now.
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    Starcraft: Ghost Not Cancelled, Remains On Hold

    Just because it isn't "Cancelled" doesn't mean it's ever going to see the light of day. I have to wonder what the point of this was. Is Blizzard hinting that development might resume, or are they just rubbing our noses in it?
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    Jimquisition: Why An Always-On DRM Console Would Be Dumb Dumb Dumb

    excellent episode, yet again Jim. I'm just glad I built a PC when I did XD Also, I find it rather amusing that Adam Orth's twitter account has been protected (is that the right word?)/ made private.
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    Regarding Technological Evolution...

    I'm thinking you should check out a book by the name of "The Light of Other Days", it's by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. OP: The only series that I can think of would, possibly, be the Mistborn series, by Brandon Sanderson. The...
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    Civ V GOTY, Torchlight 2, Witcher 2 or Mark of the Ninja

    I'd go for Torchlight 2, if you like ARPG's of the hack and slash style. I'd also recommend The Witcher 2, but I'd recommend getting it through right here > , It's 11.99 at the moment, which is a little more than the steam version, but there's no...
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    Are there any concepts you're just burnt out on?

    I'm going to have to join you on this one. In fact, "realism" in general. As much as I appreciate great games like CoH, I think that maybe there are a few too many "realistic" games in general.
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    Black Isle Studios Launches "PV13" Fundraising Campaign

    The corporate zombie has begun to feed... (more serious now)While I've enjoyed a few BI games, I want to see what they're working on before I give them money. Hell, I'd be more comfortable if they'd done something on kickstarter. Call me cynical, but they want donations for a prototype...
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    Army Scientists Shoot Lightning With Lasers

    Ok, we are 1 step closer to the Ion Cannon... Phase 2, put 20 or so of these in orbit... We're Still waiting for Tiberium to show up though D:
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    A Good Game for an Absolute Beginner?

    Rayman Origins. It's a straightforward platformer that can be played co-op. It uses a checkpoint system, rather than lives. It starts simple and gradually builds up in difficulty. It has a weird and adorable art style. It's got a quirky sense of humor. All in all, it's rather like playing a...
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    E3 Preview: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer

    Well, well, well... I'm one of the few people that enjoyed the first one, albeit for the campaign. If the Multiplayer has been improved over the last one then I'll need to keep an eye on it.
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    Other people's opinions you just can't accept! Everybody gets one!

    It is my opinion, really more of a theory, that people who claim to want world peace really don't know what they're asking for. Considering human nature, and the last 10,000 years(ish) of history and what we know of it, "world peace" could only be accomplished by the extinction of the human race.
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    Trailers: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - E3 Trailer

    If they do it right... then no, it won't help at all, at least on max difficulty :D I'm really looking forward to this, I'm really hoping that they're willing to make the game truly unforgiving on the harder difficulty levels.