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    New Code of Conduct

    I always figured it was simple, Don't Be Jerk. Then again the only point I disagreed with is still there on the new version, not that this makes a difference this is the first time I've logged in months. (I realise saying that could make me sound like a jerk but I mostly watch ZP and the...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    I enjoyed Bob's content though I didn't always get where he was coming from or agree but I can always appreciate another perspective when it's well explained or informed. I wish him all the best as ever as losing a source of income is never a good place to be. After extra credits left...
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    Why Bleak Sci-Fi Flick District 9 Makes Guys Cry

    It's not the most uncomfortable film I've ever watched but it is so true to life or rather realistic in the observations of human prejudice that it depresses me immensely. It reminds me of the times historically where simply undermining and eventually dehumanising the other side allowed...
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    Games that you've abandoned playing

    If it's given up completely I guess whole generations of consoles though I recently plugged in my GameCube so I could play GameBoy games on my TV. There's no telling when I might come back to certain games if I still have them. The only game I know I definitely won't be playing again is the...
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    Poll: Vampire Battle Royal

    Damn why can't this be in the list, spoof or not he stands a good chance. I quite like the Blade movies perhaps ignoring Blade Trinity but most of the vamps in them don't stand much of a chance unless the Vampire you count is Blade as he beats the others quite easily and in style.
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    Teenage Male Gamers No Longer Biggest Demographic

    I was getting a bit of deja vu too, I was pretty sure I'd read a similar article before a couple of years ago. The article is a little misleading too and functions more as click bate but the ESA link is much more informative. Though it seems obvious that a larger sample age range of another...
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    Escape to the Movies: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Bleeds Substance for Style

    I think Eva Green really can act but people do tend to get fixated on her appearance but that was a very good point about the internet Bob. The voice made me chuckle please do more of that. I can't quite decide if I want to go watch another one of these, I liked the first one this might be...
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    Robin Williams' Daughter Leaves Twitter Following Online Abuse

    Some of the people on Twitter rarely surprise me but when they do something like this it saddens me. Though a small percentage and it seems even the usual culprits wouldn't stoop to this it doesn't make Twitter community look any better. I think there is a more apt word for the perpetrators...
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    Movie Defense Force: Maniac Cop - A Cop That Kills People? CRAZY!

    Given recent events well played sir.
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    Your Favorite Podcasts?

    The regular gaming ones I tend to keep up with are Cagcast [], Giant Bombcast [] and 8-4 play []. As for occasional miscellaneous ones I like Uninformed Opinions and I'm currently...
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    We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

    It sounds like you used the option in Windows 8.1 metro interface. I found that option when I was having troubles with my PC but I didn't understand it so went through control panel instead. I think there is an option to keep the files but not programs if I remember correctly. Perhaps see if...
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    The Last of Us Remastered Review - A Very Pretty Apocalypse

    It's a shame it's not on PC. I was tempted to buy a PS3 when the original came out despite owning a 360 but it was near the end of the generation. I'm tempted to buy it now but apart from Last of Us: RM, No Man's Sky and Destiny I don't quite feel the need to jump to the current generation...
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    Ubisoft: "DLC is Pretty Much Accepted Now"

    I avoid DLC but I haven't bought a new triple A title in a while or one of the new consoles so I guess I'm really yet to see what the current state of it is.
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    I Think I've Reached A Boiling Point When It Comes To Social Justice

    I've had tumblr for 4 or 5 years now, it depends on who you follow as to if you'll see SJW drama it often. If you search via the usual tags you'll find it but it rarely turns up in my dashboard. It is more often something I find by accident. There does seem to be a lot more of it in the...
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    Game Theory: Why Final Fantasy is Anti-Religion

    Some interesting points, though I'd heard a few before, FF has always had broad references but FF6 is much more blatant then I remember and so I may have to replay it out of curiosity. Just one more thing, why did he saying Final Fantasy "X" instead of Ten?...