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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    Don't let it trouble you. Just point it out for what it is; a false accusation made in order to scare you away from criticizing a feminist agenda designed to help women and hurt men.
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    Furry or Not?: The Escapist Decides!

    That pic is hilarious. OP, if your friends think that some sexy chick on the internet isn't hot just because she has ears and a tail, they're *probably* in denial. Though we can understand why.
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    Why Do People Like Batman So Much?

    He's the greatest hero of all time. He's a genius, unlike most super heroes, and the villains are so good too, he contrasts their zany personalities with his hard justice outlook.
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    Has the general reputation of Bronies gotten worse or is it just me?

    It's pretty bad. Excluding my username and pic, and watching episodes on youtube, I don't really venture further into the community. Even though a 'brony' is technically a dude who likes the show, I wouldn't call myself one simply because of the association with all those weird fans.
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    Poll: Animal abuse vs Human abuse

    People that think animal abuse is worse than human rape or murder are stupid. It really depends on the animal IMO, because in part it's based on intelligence of the animal. All living things feel pain, but I would put a pig above a fly, or a dog above a chicken. It seems to me though that...
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    Looking underage (The Good Vs. The Bad)

    It just seems like a bad thing to me. First, you look like Frankie Muniz. Then you look like Frankie Muniz with wrinkles. Feels good to look my age.
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    Biggest Oscar snubs/worst Oscar mistakes

    If I recall correctly, Inception didn't win a lot of things in the Oscars a couple of years ago because the King's Speech came out that year. And who are a bunch of middle aged pretentious people going to vote for... The modern film filled with new ideas, amazing action sequences and a beautiful...
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    '[Insert genre I don't like] isn't real music'!

    It's a tough call. If we include improvised music in then music is no longer even exclusively rehearsed sound, just sound. I could record the audio of myself taking a dump and claim it's music and it would be. Maybe it is.
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    '[Insert genre I don't like] isn't real music'!

    Music is rehearsed sound. I don't think I can think of a more suitable definition. Everything on the charts today is technically music, regardless of it's quality.
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    Does your University treat you like an adult?

    Sure. I don't see how a University could be stupid enough to treat 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc year students as if they were children. The Halls of Residence were a bit of a different story, but tbh first year Uni is like an intermediary stage. One time a staff member, (5th year student), asked me to...
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    The Father vs The Mother

    I don't think she should necessarily be legally obligated to inform her husband/boyfriend that she's gone into labour, but when it comes to seeing his child, both parents have every right unless one is determined unsuitable by the Courts, I would hope for decent reasons like being a drug addict...
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    Poll: Have you ever hated someone so much that you simply wanted to kill them?

    Not really. Assuming a world without consequences, I wouldn't go any further than tying them up and punching them in the face a few times, and there's only a couple of people who I'd do that too.
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    Do women really get paid less than men do?

    The gap is a fair one. Some will try and tell you that it is due to gender discrimination, but ultimately this is a trick used by feminazis to advance women even higher than men, and claim equality despite women taking lower paying jobs.
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    Why Bronies (and Pretty Much Everyone) Should Hate the Brony Documentary

    Irl, I don't associate at all with this sort of thing. Keeping this one thing I kinda like to myself/10 (username + avi + posting in mlp threads here + watching the show on youtube)
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    lets collectively lol @ these "I need feminism because..." pics

    Many of the 'I need feminism because' pics I've seen revolve around strawman arguments, a failure to understand certain concepts as well as occasionally ignoring the basic differences between men and women. I'm not here to laugh at the ones that make sense. Just the foolish and unjust ones...