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    Poll: Action figure owners: do you ever play with them?

    Every comic book/collectable store is stuffed full of action figures. A lot of them seem to be geared toward adult collectors, being themed after M-rated games, R-rated movies, or nostalgic figures made between the 1970's and early 2000's. Those of you who buy them... do you ever play with...
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    Poll: Hatred or Splatoon?

    I have no interest in Hatred because I'm not a depressed 16-year-old. Splatoon looks like a hoot and a half, but I need to pinch pennies right now for NYCC. I'll get it when my budget allows for it.
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    What Zelda dungeon is truly hardest of all time?

    No Zelda dungeons have ever struck me as "hard" honestly. Great Bay Temple is a colossal pain in the ass though, and has halted many a playthrough. Oh, and I can never remember/figure out how to get in to that one dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. The one that's in the middle of a lake and...
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    The Escapist - What made you stay?

    Came for Zero Punctuation, started watching Big Picture, joined the forums and enjoyed a level of civility I have yet to see anywhere else (still holds true today), started watching Jimquisition, was saddened when Jim left, started getting sick of Moviebob's shenanigans, and was delighted when...
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    Seinfield: was there anything wrong with that?

    They're just saying that they don't want to be identified as something they're not. And then they literally say that there's nothing wrong with it if you are. I know the internet likes to diligently search for things to be upset about, but this is quite the stretch.
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    Man Claims Nintendo Wii Started House Fire

    My money is on a (literal) bug getting in the console, short-circuiting something, and having his body catch fire. Don't know how flammable the inside of a Wii is though. Maybe the bug brought friends?
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    Humble Bundle Presents Its Nintendo eShop Collection

    Wow, best bundle in a long time. And on console, too! I can't wait to see what the "more games coming soon" will be. My sincerest apologies to the victims of region-locking. captcha: Kitten Mittens
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    Snap Response - The Worst Weather

    I have a pretty big fear of extreme weather. When there's even a chance of a thunderstorm, I'm glued to my computer or phone to check the radar and whatnot. Knowing this, my dad took me to a campground to visit his friend during an awful lightning storm. The power went out, sirens were going off...
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    I Had A Bad Experience At Work Today

    He was probably upset about something else and just chose to dump his anger on you, knowing you couldn't retaliate in any way or you'd lose your job. Though I have to say everywhere I've ever gone water from the soda fountain was free. I wouldn't pitch a fit (like you said, you have no...
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    You can search for people's locations on Google Maps: What the hell were they thinking?

    Well, I live in upstate New York. I searched my name and got University of North Texas, then I searched my gmail/youtube username and got some church in Singapore. I have to say, not impressed.
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    Updates You Felt "Broke" Continuous/Ongoing Games

    +1 for TF2 cosmetics. Now the game is all about flaunting your e-peen. You used to get respect and status by, you know, being good and helping your team win. Now it's all about strange unusual vintage genuine hot-pink-and-lime-green hats and weapons that destroy the aesthetic. I literally...
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    Anything worthy of keeping my PS3 for?

    In my opinion, unless you're getting evicted and need rent money TODAY, never sell your old console/games. Unless it's a game/system I legitimately disliked, I'll miss it at some point and buy it back. If I had a nickel for every time I re-bought Red Dead Redemption, I'd have enough to buy it...
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    Poll: Story of Seasons

    I was just playing it, actually! I've had a Harvest Moon itch for a bit now, and I decided to step into the future instead of re-playing Friends of Mineral Town for the fifth time. I just finished Spring of Year 1. It's been kind of a slow start; I run out of things to do by 2:00 in the...
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    ZP Quotes That You Find Easily Applicable To You

    "That opportunity was sticking its six-foot-wide ass in the air and you still missed it!" --Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon That doesn't necessarily describe my life, but I find myself using it a lot. Also his quip of all modern games looking like you're viewing them through a used coffee filter...
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    Old Consoles You Can't Help But Revisit

    Platformers are my favorite genre, and SNES was the undisputed king (we don't talk about that other 16-bit console in this house). I still get excited when I find some unknown game at a flea market or garage sale. Granted, 70% of those games are crap, but finding the 30% that's good is lots...