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    90s Cartoons That Have Aged Well

    Home movies technically counts. Johnny Bravo actually has a lot of heart and still holds up.
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Will Sell Loot Boxes as Microtransactions

    Last two things I've heard about this game: Loot boxes Big-titted spider lady will act like a mom to you I'm disgusted at the kind of sexual fetishes... publishers have for this gatcha crap.
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    EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

    Well to be fair, Westwood officially went out with a cult-classic FPS and Yuri's freaking Revenge, so in game developer terms, the studio was lifted off to Valhalla in the midst of their greatest glory. Andromeda's failure was entirely due to a failure to delay the launch. They fixed the...
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    The 10-Hour Mass Effect: Andromeda Trial is Now Free to Everyone

    It's still jank, so it really depends on whether people value the mirror-shine of polished iteration or if they're okay with new systems that don't always feel right. But then again it's Bioware which runs on the stuff. It would be like buying a Bethesda game and being SHOCKED when it crashes.
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    Is Samurai Jack the anime of the season and possibly the year

    "They made Aku into a joke" You guys... remember the original seasons right? Where he ordered pizza, screwed with people because he's bored, and at one point turned into a naked muscle man to engage in a spirited "I know you know I know" circle.
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    T_D Subreddit has Gone private in protest of three of its mods being banned.

    And nothing of value was lost. Apparently the reputation of the sub was so bad that they're too extreme for the pedos and racists of voat, who are telling them to fuck off.
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    Hey. I heard you booked this flight legally. GET OFF THE F***ING PLANE!!!!

    According to carriage contracts on the flight he had every right to be and remain seated once boarded. He was illegally removed.
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    All you have to do to be considered a cuckold now? Have a job....

    I want to trick people in /pol/ into reading Mother Night. See, they're like the main character, only not secretly working against the Nazis.
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    Quake Champions Beta Servers Overwhelmed, Bethesda and id Adding Capacity

    Bethesda/Id: Hey guys look, we made an Unreal Tournament game with Quake branding Shooter fans: *vibrates wildly in anticipation, slowly overheating and igniting their chairs, such is their excitement* Zenimax: Nobody's going to want to play it, of course
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    Activision Wants to Create a Call of Duty Cinematic Universe, Starting with a Movie Next Year

    If you will excuse me, I am going to go vomit continuously for 30 minutes then spend 2 hours watching puppy videos purging this totally from my being. Hopefully, then, I can actually be disappointed next time the entertainment industries decide to combine in order to lower the bar. They're...
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    How can Tommy be female? Power Rangers

    OT - Power Rangers has two out of shape idiots attempting to bully a martial arts club and said that wizards coexisted with dinosaurs. And yet the name has gone too far. Though if you're talking about taking a dump on the spirit of the thing, gender swapping any character is really...
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    Yooka-Laylee reviews are coming out and thoughts are ...mixed

    found the Zelda fanboy
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    PETA is Angry that Nintendo Turned Cow Milking into a 1-2-Switch Game

    Wasn't aware that SJW non-organizations killed your dog or diverted funding away from actual advocacy groups False equivalence strikes again!
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    How similar is Mass Effect: Andromeda to Inquisition?

    Think it's a case of hoarding information for big reveals. If they had gotten to the decent stuff first